Pregame Picks TOTAL Results

Hi, I'm still alive. Just been a bit preoccupied. (Ok, i guess with this kind of gap you can't just leave it at 'a bit preoccupied' but, well that's what I'm going to go with)

So if anyone still remembers what happened here let's take a quick run down again:
The pregame picks were broken down into two "Seasons"
Season 1 involved Weeks 1 - 14 (91 games)
Season 2 involved Weeks 15 - 25 (71 games)

And just for kicks we have a compilation of both season combined.

So, if you want to see how you did in the big scheme of things, or maybe see who guessed the best? Guessed the worst? Well... let's get it started.

Here are each season's GOLD, SILVER, BRONZE winners

Season 1 Correct Guesses Season 2
halo84653, teopeht 25 36 Downing Rules, k3yerout,
stuck in Romania, wings
vladtheimpaler 24 33 Chone's Chonies, hbhalofan
adirondackangelfan, Big Game Hunter, Chone's Chonies 23 32 44FAN, garretsglove
Season 1 Incorrect Guesses Season 2
Downing Rules 66 50 joeyz34
garretsglove 62 49 Big Game Hunter
Epic Dean, im4kiss, tanana40 61 48 im4kiss
Season 1 Games Played Season 2
44FAN, blast21dave, Epic Dean, tanana40 90 71 Big Game Hunter, Chone's Chonies
DAD OF VLAD, teopeht 89 68 Andyman, blast21dave
Andyman, Big Game Hunter, Chone's Chonies, vladtheimpaler 88 67 im4kiss, k3yerout
Season 1 (MIN 68 GP) Most Accurate Season 2 (MIN 53 GP)
V-Hawk Angelorum (69 GP) .435 .431 wings (58 GP)
halo84653 (85 GP) .424 .391 Downing Rules (64 GP)
teopeht (89 GP) .404 .386 halo84653 (57 GP)
Season 1 SCORES Season 2
halo84653 479900000 206085000 halo84653
bc56274 289293715 60000000 44FAN
vladtheimpaler 184000000 28220462 stuck in Romania

TOTAL results...


1. halo84653 (58)
2. Chone's Chonies, stuck in Romania (56)
3. 44FAN, Big Game Hunter, K3YEROUT (54)
4. blast21dave (53)
5. vladtheimpaler (52)

1. im4kiss (109)
2. Andyman, Big Game Hunter, blast21dave, Downing Rules, tanana40 (105)
3. Chone's Chonies (103)
4. DAD OF VLAD, sunshine thermometer (102)
5. garretsglove (101)

1. Big Game Hunter, Chone's Chonies (159)
2. blast21dave (158)
3. Andyman, tanana40 (156)
4. K3YEROUT (154)
5. DAD OF VLAD (153)

1. halo84653 (58 / 142, .408)
2. stuck in Romania (46 / 143, .392)
3. vladtheimpaler (52 / 141, .369)
4. 44FAN (54/151, .358)
5. Chone's Chonies (56/159, .352)

1. halo84653 (685,985,000)
2. bc56274 (289,303,715)
3. vladtheimpaler (185,400,000)
4. 44FAN (85,754,000)
5. stuck in Romania (52,249,027)

COMPLETE results here

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