Ninja At The Bat

With apologies to E.L. Thayer... Without further ado:

The season wasn't brilliant for the LA Angel team

The outfielders were tragic and bullpen strength a wistful dream.

KMo was a low blow and 3B stunk from heaven

Our only happy hope was for the Summer of '11.

Yet comes a winter harvest, with FAs ripe to pluck

And arbitration eligibles, our small measure of good luck

The FO sought just winning, so often we were told

"Cash? It's not the numbers, we'll certainly be bold".


First TR tendered contracts, in this case neatly done

All worthy of nice money, that is save just the one

Arb-eligibles keep need at bay, strong players nearly all

But THE BAT, just one big bat, was our need, one hope, the call.


But on a pitch down in the dirt, our FO kept Jeff Mathis

His defense, naught but prem'um, will somehow save our Angel asses?

Then bullpen arms were signed, good lefties but low tier

A mere session in the cage, for sure the big boys were quite near


The Crawford's all but ours, just wait and you'll be thrilled

Our gaping maw of 7 suck clearly dearly filled

If not CC then a 3B, aging yet still hale

Only he can patch the Woody whale of fail


Strode our Ninja to the plate and sodden masses roared

The crappy AL West soon bitten by our sword

But Crawford came to pitch, he threw them hard and high

The Nats with him conspired, and now Werth was the sky


Ninja Reagins, lowball hitter, watched the pitches sail true

Then cried a girly cry when Sux closed where Ninja blew.

Slunk the Ninja to the office, no contract to his name

But surely it's the market, the FO is not to blame


Redemption though was in the air for Ninja's next at-bat

Beltre's offer was reported, strong and fair and fat

Ninja eyed The Boras, Scott showed an icy gaze

"AB's worth some money sure, a Werthian sort of raise"


But our want is large Dear Ninja, this guy's our Obi-Wan

And subsumed in our denial, we cheered the Ninja on

Boras threw a heater-a strike three, 5/90 pitch

And the Ninja simply crumpled, more pitiful than just bitch


So the Angels again are silent, and the team is barely changed

We're simply treading water, the deck chairs re-arranged

And though wish we will for one more Series Heaven

Mini TR has struck out, and GMJ still gets 11.

This Fan-Post is authored by an independent fan. Tell us what you think and how you feel.

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