The Angels Future is Bright

I'll start this post off with that I have a shit eating grin on my face while I write this as I'm giddy with excitement. As our current line-up stands, with Napoli and Mathis as our starting catchers. Morales our 1st baseman. Kendrick at 2nd. Aybar at SS, and Wood at 3rd. River, Hunter, and Abreu filling the OF slots and Matsui as the DH.


1. Aybar SS

2. Abreu RF

3. Hunter CF

4. Morales 1st

5. Matsui DH

6. Rivera LF

7. Napoli C

8. Kendrick 2nd

9. Wood 3rd

To me, this is a solid and dangerous line-up capable of hitting us to the World Series. But this isn't the point of my post. I'm 3 years from now and how our team will look diffeent, especially in the OF. Let's face it, our outfielders are aging and we have young talent coming up in Grichuk out in LF with power, Bourjos the slick fielding speedster in CF, and Trout combining speed with developing power in RF. Trout and Bourjos are both CF's but one will have to give way and I think Trout has the build for a RF (stated as built like a RB) and Bourjos, a CF (6'1, 195lbs). The only other change I see in the next 2-3 years is our catcher spot and Hank Conger is the obvious choice. With the scouting report indicating him being ready for MLB pitching today, there is still a alot to be desired defensively. He did show some growth last year behind the dish according to Scouting Director Eddie Bane. Here is how I see our line-up in 2013 and ballpark projections.

1. Aybar SS (.300 BA, 10 HR, 55 RBI's, 20-25 SB's, .380 OBP, over 100RS)  Gold Glove

2. Kendrick 2nd (.290-.310 BA, 12-15 HR, 65-75 RBI's, 10 SB's, .360 OBP, 90RS)

3. Wood 3rd (.275 BA, 25 HR, 80-90 RBI's, .510 Slugging)

4. Morales 1st (Pretty much in-line with what he did in 2009, plus or minus a few in each category)

5. Grichuk LF (.270 BA, 20-25 HR, 80 RBI's)

6. Napoli DH (.270 BA, 25-30 HR, 80 RBI's)

7. Conger C (.290 BA, 15-20 HR, 70-80 RBI's)

8. Trout RF (.265-.275 BA, 10-15 HR, 55-65 RBI's, 15-20 SB's)

9. Bourjos CF (.265-.275 BA, 5-10 HR, 50 RBI's, 30-40 SB's, .350 OBP, 70-80RS)  

The reason I placed Grichuk ahead of Napoli was his speed rating over Napoli. Very reminiscent of Anderson, Edmonds, and Salmon. The elder statesman being Napoli being 32 at that time. Our starting nine average age would be 26.77 years old.


As for our pitching currently sitting at:

SP1. Kazmir

SP2. Weaver

SP3. Santana

SP4. Saunders

SP5. Pineiro

BP1. Stokes or Palmer

BP2. Bulger

BP3. Jepsen

BP4. Rodney

Set-up. Shields

Closer. Fuentes

Still a very formidable staff. I expect to see more growth from Kazmir and Weaver this year, both battling to see who the ace is. Santana has the stuff to be an ace, and in my opinion has the most electric stuff of our staff. Saunders is Mr. Reliability who will always keep you in games and has the potential to shit opponents out on any given night. Pineiro is a little up in the air, and I hope to see him build upon last years success, however, I'm a little cautious as in came in NL. I still feel he'll be a cery capable $5, but nothing to retain long term. Which brings me to the future pitching staff. No projections as pitching there are too many anomalies.

SP1. Kazmir or Weaver (Both capable aces)

SP2. Weaver or Kazmir (See above)

SP3. Santana or Saunders (Whomever has more value in 2013)

SP4. Trevor Reckling (Our young left hander who has a very hign upside)

SP5. Jordan Walden (Young fire balling right hander)

BP1. Bulger

BP2. Arredondo (Hopefully able to rebound from TJ Surgery and resign with us)

BP3.  Mosebach, Rodriguez, Kohn, Bachanov, or another prospect coming up.

BP4. Garrett Richards (One of the organizations harder throwers)

Set-up. A veteran set-up reliever (Shields should be done by 2013 as he'll be 37)

Closer. Jepsen

I am thinking about this season and I'm stoked it's just around the corner, but the future has me absolutely thrilled. Hopefully, all my projections come to fruition. Imagine how many titles we'll contend for in the twenty teens. Plus I think with that team, we'd have a ton of money left over for a superstar reliever or even a starting pitcher if Walden or Reckling don't work out.

This Fan-Post is authored by an independent fan. Tell us what you think and how you feel.

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