9 Worst Moments in Angels History?

Ok I've been scared to post since the whole Halopeepee thing and seeing a couple posts a day go ino Rev's purgatory.  But as we expect of Angel players when at the plate, you can't have fear at swinging and missing so here goes...

I'm still a relative noob here so if this has been hashed to death, hit me with your rhythm stick - Hit me! Hit me! Hit me!  In the wilds of Borneo...   Ok, where was I?   Oh yeah...

Halofan1 had this good post on a summary of what put together as the Top 9 moments in Angels history.  I think most people can agree on the general content there.  What about the Worst 9 moments? 

I'm needing to dig into the history books for some of this since unlike Rev, I can't pull all of it out of my ass on a moments notice.  So help me out if I've strayed...

9 Worst Moments in Angels History

1)  Nick Adenheart death
2)  Donnie Moore taking his own life
3)  Minnie Rojas paralyzed and his 2 daughters killed in car accident
4)  The murder of Lyman Bostock
5)  Two words - Mo Vaughn
6)  Nolan Ryan goes bye-bye
7)  2005 ALCS loss against White Sux
8)  1986 "One Strike Away" fiasco
9)  Signing Q to a 7th straight season with the Angels

a)  I put the loss of life over any "emotional" tragedy but I respect people disagreeing.
b)  I had to check on #2 and it seems his career ended in '88 while he took his life in '89 - I was only 18 back then but still remember it vividly so I still included it.
c)  #3 was something I read about a couple times but was before I was born - for anyone who remembers, was it a big thing for Angel fans or just that it hits me hard reading about it?
d)  I realize #8 is somewhat related to #2 although I think they are separate enough to include both.
e) Ok, #9 was meant for some light hearted fun given the darkness of some of those moments, although I'm sure someone will say "Hey, #9 should be higher on the list!"

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