Kazmir, Garland, Colon, Oliver, and Other Active Career Wins Leaders By Age

After a pretty damned great decade, much of it anchored on solid starting pitching, you'd think that our mostly young rotation core would start showing up on various active-wins leaderboards. And you'd be right! Here are the top active winners by age, listed by their official 2010 age. The number in the first parenthesis indicates where that player is on the list of XX-year-old winners since 1947. Current and former Angels of note are also mentioned. Check it on out:

21  14 Rick Porcello (21st place all time for 21 year olds)
22  13 Clayton Kershaw (75) (Sean O'Sullivan tied for 4th, with 4)
23  15 Chris Volstad (138)
24  58 Felix Hernandez (14)
25  47 Chad Billingsley (67)
26  57 Scott Kazmir (76)
27  65 Justin Verlander (106) (Ervin Santana tied for 2nd, with 59; Jered Weaver 4th, with 51)
28  69 Dontrelle Willis (134) 
29 136 CC Sabathia (8) (Joe Saunders tied for 7th, with 48)
30 117 Jon Garland (41)
31 135 Mark Buehrle (34) (John Lackey, 102, 3rd; Joel Pineiro, 87, tied for 5th [w/ Brandon Webb!])
32 137 Roy Oswalt (42)
33 148 Roy Halladay (39) (Jeff Weaver 4th, with 99)
34 148 Tim Hudson (53) (Kelvim Escobar 4th, with 101)
35 156 Livan Hernandez (55) (Jarrod Washburn 6th, with 107)
36 113 Russ Ortiz (221)
37 153 Bartolo Colon (85)
38 229 Andy Pettite (19)
39 106 Darren Oliver (279)
40  73 David Weathers (485)

The list craps out from there, unless your name is Tim Wakefield (43), Randy Johnson (46), or Jamie Moyer (47).

King Felix sure is racking up a bunch of wins, but before you write his name on a Hall of Fame ballot, realize that Frank Tanana at that age made him look like a piker. Sabathia is tracking toward Cooperstown, and Pettite has a more interesting case than you'd guess.

As for the Angels, it's nice to see the entire rotation represented above, and a bunch of old friends sprinkled throughout. And I'm glad we're still young and under contract!

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