Why we are losing.....(4-10)

I put the date because this is the Angels we're talking about, the bats go from red-hot to white-hot to ice cold in a matter of minutes.  This is the way it's always been with Hatcher and Scioscia.  So let's dive in!

Three out of five of our starting pitchers have thrown well enough to get us the W.  So why aren't the Angels 3-2 right now instead of 1-4?  Let's look at offense first.

Game 1: 6-3 victory.  

Our 4-5-6 hitters went 5-12 with 5 RBI.  Our leadoff hitter went 2-3 with 2 runs scored and was on base 3 times.

Game 2: 5-3 Loss.

Our 4-5-6 hitters went 0-11 with 0 RBI.  Our leadoff hitter went 0-3.

Game 3: 4-2 Loss.

Our 4-5-6 hitter went 5-12 yet again, but only managed 1 RBI.  Our leadoff hitter went 0-4 and failed to reach base.

Game 4: 10-1 Loss.

Our 4-5-6 hitters went 3-12, which isn't bad, but they failed to drive any runs in.  Our leadoff hitter once again went hitless, 0-3.

Game 5: 10-4 Loss.

Our 4-5-6 hitter went 4-11, which still isn't bad, but they only drove in 2 runs.  Our leadoff hitter went 2-5, but didn't score any runs.

So what's it all mean?  It means the Angels offensive scheme is largely dependent on one thing.  Timely hits.  Those hits don't matter so much if there's no one on base and two outs.  The heart of our lineup is for the most part, "getting the job done", we just aren't setting the table.  From the leadoff spot this year we are 4-18 with a poor OBP.  This is acceptable almost anywhere in the lineup, except leadoff.  

We will win if..... Simple, Erick Aybar and Bobby Abreu get into scoring position.  We have too many bats capable of driving them in, but they must get on base.

Now let's take a look at pitching.

Weaver, Santana and Pineiro did exactly what was asked of them, get us through 6 innings and keep us in the game.  Even Saunders was acceptable.  He was hit hard, but 5 runs, we can handle.  Unfortunately for Santana and Pineiro, they received no run support.  The bullpen however, has been a Tale of Two Bullpens.  

First 3 games: 10 IP 0 ER.

Last 2 games: 7 IP 10 ER.

So what's it all mean?  Our starting pitching will keep us close in games.  Even our worst performance from a regular (Joe Saunders) we still only lost by 2 runs and the opposing team failed to score after the 4th inning.  The only starting pitcher who was God awful was Matt Palmer, but he has no business starting anyway while Kazmir feel just fine.  When the bullpen does it's job, the game is in the Angels hands to win.

 We will win if..... Our bullpen can throw 3 scoreless frames.  

CONCLUSION: When the Angels get into scoring position and the bullpen does it's job, we win.  When the Angels fail to get on base and the bullpen implodes, we lose.  It's really simple.  

This Fan-Post is authored by an independent fan. Tell us what you think and how you feel.

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