Cupie and Biggsy top HH Fantasy League Week 1

Our Halos Heaven fantasy league is on CBS Sports - you can still get a 50% discount on creating your own league at THIS LINK.

It was an exciting first week in our Halos Heaven Fantasy League...

Darby from Yorba Linda - managed by CUPIE had the best record of the week, defeating the Quarter-Tones - managed by Jim Scully, 9-0 with one tie. Hot streaks by Rafael Furcal and Ian Stewart, along with a shrewd pickup of Jon Rauch as closer propelled Cupie to the top of the league.

Close on Cupie's heels are the Radio Angels, managed by AM-830 Radio Personality Jeff Biggs. Despite the preseason prognostication expertise of Sean "Chone" Smith, his Downing's Briancats went 2-8 against Biggsy's squad, where a surprising 1-2 of Carlos Marmol and Jorge De La Rosa took the pitching stats a long way while Miguel Cabrera and Robinson Cano carried the lineup.

My own Rev's Puzzled Panthers stand in 3rd place at 7-3, beating Mike's Hard MaHalos, managed by HH poster eyespy. The story for me this week was picking up Detroit rookie Austin Jackson. Anyone acquired for Curtis Granderson has got to be good.

How long can WiHaloFan's WARgasmic-9 ride the bat of Vernon Wells to victory? Time will tell, but tell it to Scottnak as his Scottnak's Attack was defeated 6-4 in week 1.

While he was busy writing up the minor leagues for us on here on the site, Ryan Ghan's PECOTA-Busters were defeated by Missus Halofan's first foray into fantasy baseball. Folks, she is hooked! Her team, The Batgirls were 5-3 with 2 ties as her sentimental love of Vladimir Guerrero was rewarded by a big week with the bat.

A battle of Orange County celebrities ended in a tie with The Imposters - managed by Jason Brennan, the AM-830 Radio Host and proprietor of Throwbacks Sports Bar finishing the week at 5-5 with Dumb the Frugout - managed by the Orange County Register's Sam Miller.

Also tied up at 5 were the Chicago Neighborhoods - managed by Bill "Shredder" Seitz of the LA Seitz of Chicago blog tied 5-5 with Sabotage - managed by poster Casey KOD as his reward for winning the ultimate Angels trivia contest.

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