Complete Games of the Mike Scioscia Era

A comment by the Rev during the Game Thread asking about what happened to the Complete Game, got me thinking, and I did a little research into the Complete Games thrown by Angels Pitchers during the Mike Scioscia Era

The first thing I noticed is that the Angels have been pretty consistent over the last 10 years in terms of the number of CG's each year. There have been 58 CG's over that time.

 Here is the breakdown for the last 10 years with our AL Rank in Parenthesis

2000 - 5 (11)

2001 - 6 (9)

2002 - 7 (10)

2003 - 5 (10)

2004 - 2 (13)

2005 - 7 (6)

2006 - 5 (4)

2007 - 5 (5)

2008 - 7 (3)

2009 - 9 (3)


I notice that while the number per year is pretty consistent, the Angels have gone from the lower half of the AL in Scioscia's 1st 5 year, to the top half of the AL in the past 5 years. I take this to mean that Scioscia is going to do the same thing year after year, and where we fall in terms of other teams in regards to complete games depends on what other managers decide to do.

John Lackey has the most CG's of any pitcher in the Scioscia Era with 14, followed by Ramon Ortiz with 9. Of pitchers currently on the roster - Ervin Santana has 5, Jered Weaver has 4 (all of which came last year), Joe Saunders has 2 and Matt Palmer has 1

The Average Number of Pitches for these CG's is 106

The Low is 78 by Jarrod Washburn on 7/5/05

The High is 125 by Jarrod Washburn on 5/8/01

We have 42 - 9 inning CG's

We have 15 - 8 inning CG's (one of which is 8.1 innings)

We have 1 - 5 inning CG in a rain shortened game


We have had 10 CG's happen betweens the dates of 5/5 - 5/10 over the past 10 years, So look for a complete game to happen during those dates. Also look for a complete game betwwen the dates of 7/1 - 7/8, as we have had 9  during those dates over the last 10 years.


Thanks to for the ability to look at the game logs to find the CG's easily.

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