What is a mirage and what is a potential miracle?

Ok, so maybe I'm grumpy with the losses piling up regardless of what anyone else in the division is doing.  Or maybe it's getting a bit tough to hear some of the over-the-top homerism.

Look, we're all Angel fans and want them to win and do well.  No need to state the obvious.

But at some point with respects to some aspects of their play, it's time to call a spade a spade...or is it?  If one waits until the ASG to safely try and classify a player or aspect of a team as green, yellow, or red, each year that same player or aspect of a team will go red hot or ice cold for the rest of the year right after said designation is made.

So is it really any different to objectively talk about it now and not just keep saying "It's only <insert your favorite safe number here> games into the season!?"

So which of these are mirages that will eventually disappear (either for the better or worse) and which are real miracles, set to stay for the season?

Thoughts below the jump...

Matsui:  .316, 5 BB, 3 HR  -  Definitely think it's a miracle and I feel he won't be above .300 all season but like Vlad, he'll hover there and continue with the BBs and maybe some surprising power.  Wasn't sure on what we'd be getting with him at one year older but VERY surprised.

Wood:  .100, 10 SOs, 1 BB, 0 RBI  -  Yeah, you knew the topic de jour would have to be included.  Well, I'm going to have to go with mirage...for the worse.  I'm sure he'll eventually connect on a few and get some RBIs but he'll lead the team in SOs this year and cost some production Izzy might be giving.  Miss those rallys.

Team being in last place: Obviously it's a mirage, but I can't say don't harbor some concern.

Hunter:  .343, 6 BB, 1 HR  -  Great miracle and he keeps delivering and will keep delivering.  He'll hopefully end up around .290 to .300 and will not lead the team in walks all season but will work that count with Bobbeh all season long.  Stay healthy please!

Team SBs:  4 (Aybar just upped by 25% today)  -  Really worried here.  I am starting to be convinced it is what it is and likely won't change much in terms of progression.  Hopefully Aybar gains confidence in his speed.

Pineiro:  2.77 ERA, 1 HR allowed, 1.0 WHIP  -  I'm eating my words as I type this and am starting to have a man crush.  Serious miracle.  And my gut tells me he'll stay strong.

Shields:  Sigh.  Well, the memories will always be there.

One's I can't really finger yet and will be more critical then I thought:  Rodney and Kazmir.

This Fan-Post is authored by an independent fan. Tell us what you think and how you feel.

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