Angels Leave 'em Loaded Late in Loss to Leyland

FINAL SCORE IN ANAHEIM: Angels 4, Tigers 5... it was a weird game to finish out a chilly four game series split between Mike Scioscia and Jim Leyland's clubs.

How Weird?

  • Over 60 pitches thrown by the respective starting pitchers in the top and bottom of the first inning....
  • Bobby Abreu doubled off for the third out of an inning on an obvious fly out, preventing a run from scoring....
  • Keeping it close through injuries... Carlos Guillen pulled a hamstring rounding 3B, dropping to the grass and being tagged out as he is placed on the disabled list while limping off the field.
  • Joel Zumaya in relief... in the SIXTH inning...
  • 6 Tigers combine to hit 7 doubles...
  • Juan Rivera as a late defensive substitution in CENTERfield
  • Matt Palmer pitching twice as many innings as Joe Saunders....
  • 2 diving highlight reel catches by the 4th outfielder in a rare CF start...
  • A dramatic barehanded catch by the 2Bman Maicer Izturis on a quick toss from the pitcher fielding bunt... at FIRST BASE for the out!

Starters Justin Verlander and Joe Saunders were long gone at 10:40 PM local time when it was all done. And when it was done, it ended not with a Hideki Matsui bang, but a whimper... the slugger grounding out to 1B to end it. Were you in the GAME THREAD or MOJO THREAD tonight? Check our roll call after the poll...



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