Where Are They and What Are They Doin’?

Obviously, we are all deeply focused on the success of our current Angels, but I think many of us are interested in how some of our old favorites (and non-favorites) are faring elsewhere, now that we’re almost three full weeks into the season. Here is a breakdown on some of these ex-Halos and their current stats (Through Thursday Apr. 29th):


Vladimir Guerrero: .350 AVG/ .404 OBP/ .488 SLG/ 5 2B/ 2 HR/ 13 RBI / 28 H/ 3 SB/ 80 AB

(Rangers) Vlad has been tearing it up in Texas Stadium, of course: “He has a .540 on-base percentage in the first 12 home games of the season. His home batting average dropped to .489.” (Yahoo))

  (Hideki Matsui: .274 AVG/ .354 OBP/ .488 SLG/ 6 2B/ 4 HR/ 12 RBI/ 7 R / 23 H/ 84 AB     

(for comparison sake) (Godzilla has had several key hits in game-winning situations)


Chone Figgins: .200 AVG/ .337 OBP/ .280 SLG/ 4 2B/ 0 HR/ 15 H/ 7 RBI/ 11 R/ 5 SB/ 17 BB

(Mariners) (“has hit well enough against lefties (.333) but was a woeful 3-for-42 against right-handed pitching before breaking out a little with a single and a two-run triple Wednesday in Kansas City.” (Yahoo))

  (Erick Aybar: .256 AVG/ .337 OBP/ .341 SLG/ 4 2B/ 1 HR/ 21 H/ 4 RBI/ 14 R/ 2 SB/ 10 BB


Casey Kotchman: .264 AVG/ .333 OBP/ .514 SLG/ 7 2B/ 3 HR/ 19 H/ 14 RBI/ 9 R

(Mariners) (Kotch has had a couple of late-inning clutch hits. “Casey Kotchman has now played in 204 consecutive games without having made an error at first base, the second-best stretch ever. The all-time record is held by Kevin Youkilis at 238.” (Yahoo))


Adam Kennedy: .214 AVG/ .281 OBP/ .339 SLG/ 4 2B/ 1 HR/ 10 RBI/ 5 R/ 4 SB

            (Nationals) (AK recently had a game-winning hit; has played both 2nd and 3rd for the Nats)


David Eckstein: .273 AVG/ .317 OBP/ .364 SLG/ 4 2B/ 1 HR/ 6 RBI/ 8 R/ 1 SB

(Padres) (“Eckstein has seven hits in his last 18 at-bats and is proving to be one of the toughest hitters in the majors to strike out. He's fanned just twice in 73 at-bats.”(Yahoo))


Orlando Cabrera: .241 AVG/ .273 OBP/ .354 SLG/ 3 2B/ 2 HR/ 13 RBI/ 10 R/ 2 SB

(Reds) ("He's an RBI man," manager Dusty Baker said of the first-year Red. "Every time he goes up with a guy in scoring position, he says, ‘I love this situation.'" (Yahoo))


Troy Glaus: .200 AVG/ .300 OBP/ .300 SLG/ 1 2B/ 2 HR/ 9 RBI/ 7 R/ 14 H /21 K

(Braves) (“Seemingly lost in the boos was that Glaus hit a two-run homer with two outs in the bottom of the ninth in Tuesday's game to help the Braves rally from a 3-0 deficit for a 4-3 win in 10 innings. The big hit left him with two homers and eight RBIs. The fans were not won over. ‘The fans have a right to boo,’ Glaus said. ‘All I can do is keep doing my work.’" (Yahoo))


Garret Anderson: .122 AVG/ .159 OBP/ .220 SLG/ 1 2B/ 1 HR/ 4 RBI/ 2 R/ only 41 AB

(Dodgers) (“Anderson's part-time role on the Dodgers' bench isn't off to a hot start” (Yahoo))


Jim Edmunds: .298 AVG/ .394 OBP/ .474 SLG/ 7 2B/ 1 HR/ 17 H/ 5 RBI/ 11 R

            (Brewers) (Jimmy injured his back on wed./ Day-to-day)


Gary Matthews Jr.: .167 AVG/ .286 OBP/ .233 SLG/ 2 2B/ 0 HR/ 5 H/ 0 RBI/ 6 R/ 1 SB/ 14 K/ only 30 AB



Jose Guillen: .303 /AVG/ .330 OBP/ .607 SLG/ 2 2B/ 7 HR/ 27 H/ 18 RBI/ 14 R/ 1 SB/ 22 K



Sean Rodriguez: 200 AVG/ .282 OBP/ .314 SLG/ 1 2B/ 1 HR/ 7 H/ 5 RBI/ 6 R/ only 35 AB

(Rays) (“Rodriguez was a spring-training sensation with a .460 average and six homers. During the season, however, he had struggled, entering the game batting .160 with no extra-base hits. That quickly changed Wednesday. He doubled in the third, singled to drive in a run in the fourth and hit a three-run homer in the sixth. "His ability's going to translate in the big leagues," Rays manager Joe Maddon said.” (Yahoo))


John Lackey: 2-1 / 4 GS / 23.0 IP/ 29 H/ 13 ER/ 2 HR/ 9BB/ 11K/ 5.09 ERA/ 1.65 WHIP

(Red Sux) (“Lackey allowed 10 hits in seven innings against the Orioles Saturday but still picked up his second win of the season…Luckily for Lackey, the O's offense was only able to turn those 10 hits into three runs. Lackey's K/9 has fallen to 4.3 this season -- far below his career average of 7.2.” (Yahoo))


       (Joel Pineiro: 2-2/ 4 GS/ 26.1 IP/ 30 H/ 10 ER/ 1 HR/ 4BB/ 15K/ 3.42 ERA/ 1.29 WHIP)


Francisco Rodriguez: 1-0/ 10 G/ 12.2 IP/ 11 H/ 1 ER/ 1 HR/ 7BB/ 16K/ 3 SV/ 1 BS/ 0.82 ERA/ 1.22 WHIP



Ramon Ortiz: 0-1 / 10 G / 23.0 IP/ 29 H/ 13 ER/ 2 HR/ 8BB/ 7K/ 6.39 ERA/ .250 WHIP


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