May 1st Update on HH's Top 10 Prospects

RGHAN did a remarkable job on his top prospect list and garnered the respect of all who read his analysis.  I figured I'd do the Top 10 prospect update on a month by month basis.  This will be useful in keeping readers more in touch with potential Angels than they ever have been before.  So how are they faring after one month of baseball?


10. 2B Jean Segura - He's played a solid 2B for the Kernels so far this season.  He's currently in the midst of a slump which has deflated his numbers from superior to respectable.  

May 1 statline: .244 BA, .326 OBP, 4 DB, 2 triples 10 BB 20 K's.  He currently leads the team in runs scored with 15.

9. LHP Tyler Skaggs - Cedar Rapids is currently employing a 6 man rotation, so Skaggs is switching off between starting and extended relief.  So far, Skaggs has been utterly dominant and is showing why the Angels got lucky he stayed on the board until the supplemental round.  Many draft boards had him going top 30.  

May 1 statline: 0.64 ERA, 14 IP, 1 R, 15 K's, 5 BB

8. OF Randal Grichuk - A player most experts believed was an overdraft, the Angels salivated over his upside and scooped him off the board late in the first round.  He may not hit too many HR's as power hitters don't fare well in Cedar Rapids.  Like Many young power hitters, Grichuk must work on striking out less and walking more.

May 1 statline: .217 BA, .270 OBP, 7 DB, 2 HR, 15 RBI, 2 SB, 23 K's ,5 BB and 0 errors, pretty good defense.

7. RHP Jordan Walden - Former stud SP turned reliever, Walden's start to the season has been a roller coaster ride.  Right up until his last appearance, Walden was dominant, and then on April 27th he imploded and hasn't seen action since.  If he can keep it together, we may have another closer on our hands.

May 1 statline: 12.15 ERA, 6.2 IP, 9 K's, 4 BB.

6. RHP Fabio Mesa-Martinez - Just threw a 5 inning no-hitter yesterday.  Has probably the most electric stuff in the system.  For him, it's only a matter of throwing strikes, once he commands all his pitches, he should be the ace of any pitching staff he serves on.

May 1 statline: 3.98 ERA, 20 IP, 31 K's 16 BB.

5. RHP Garret Richards - This selection was a head scratcher for quite a few people last year.  Numbers were horrific in college, yet leaves the draft board before the 2nd round.  A slight mechanical tweak and hiding his pitches better has made a world of difference for Garret.  If not for one shaky outing, Richards' numbers would be even more impressive than they already are.

May 1 statline: 4.13 ERA, 28 IP, 27 K's, 11 BB

4. OF Mike Trout - Possibly the steal of last year's draft.  Trout's the best ballplayer on the field and his statline suggests he could be moved up another level and be fine, though I doubt the Angels have this in their plans.  This could be the final year Trout isn't the top prospect in the system.  

May 1 statline: .372 BA, .426 OBP 14 R, 2 DB, 4 triples, 13 SB and 0 errors, VERY good defense.  

3. LHP Trevor Reckling - The youngest player currently on the Angels AAA roster, Reckling breezed through two levels last year.  Some think this is his final stop before the Angels rotation, current contracts of Angels pitchers suggest otherwise.  He's been VERY solid in AAA thus far with the exception of one outing which has made his statline look worse than he's actually pitched.  Let's also keep in mind he's pitching in the AL East of the minor leagues.  Calling the PCL a hitters league is an understatement.  So any ERA under 10 and a half is almost respectable.  No one ask for an ETA, I think that depends more on the current Angels starters than it does Trevor.  Let's also keep in mind, the kid is only 20 years old.

May 1 statline: 4.85 ERA 26 IP, 16 K's, 17 BB.

2. C Hank Conger - The Angels top draft pick in 2006, Conger's road to the majors is dependent on one factor, DEFENSE.  Nevermind the fact that he's a super athletic, switch hitting, power hitting catcher, the only thing that matters to Mike Sciosica, is defense.  And before last season, Conger had no hope.  But then in AA, Conger gunned out a respectable percentage of would be base thieves, dropped some baby chub and learned to block the ball.  This season in SLC, he's performed outstanding, as well as a solid showing in Spring Training.  If anyone wants to know when Conger will be a major league catcher, I think you just need to ask Mike about his defense.  

May 1 statline: .281 BA .328 OBP 3 DB, 2 HR, 7 K's, 3 BB's. 

1. CF Peter Bourjos - Everyone's favorite speedster in Spring Training, Bourjos is the fastest base runner in a system that includes Trout and Aybar.  He's also the most gifted defensive OF in the Angels system and if I were more knowledgeable about other systems, I bet you could make a case he's one of the top defenders in all minor league baseball.  The current Angels OF is not young and the Angels lack a proven leadoff hitter, though I daresay Aybar's doing a respectable job.  Count me among the fans that hope he's an Angel in the Outfield sooner rather than later.  Outside of Mark Trumbo who's unfortunately not in the top 10, his numbers indicate he's the top youngster in AAA.

May 1 statline: .306 BA, .333 OBP 3 DB, 5 triples, 4 SB.  Keep in mind, no one in SLC steals bases for some reason.


Everyone keep a look out for this upcoming June draft.  The Angels had the strongest draft last season, having 5 of the first 48 picks, and this season have 5 of the first 50, with their first pick being the 18th overall pick, which is the highest the Angels have selected since 2004.  Having this many early draft picks two years in a row is practically unheard of.  A lot of the names that are selected could appear on next year's top 10 prospect list.  This year's list includes 4 players selected in the 2009 draft.  In fact, 6 out of the top 10 reside in Cedar Rapids currently, and after the 2010 draft, the Angels low minors should be as stacked as any in the game.

Go Angels!

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