Closers should give you goosebumps

After watching the movie "Major League" hundreds of times, the one thing I remember the most was Ricky Vaughn's strut to the mound as he was relieving Harris (bardol, crisco, vagisil). The song "Wild thing" blaring as he walks to the mound with his rad zig zag haircut, black rimmed skull glasses. The dude exuded intimidation.

In baseball, isn't that how closers should be?

When Percy came in. The dude exuded the Toro in himself. Complete utter intimidation. I know there were times when his control was off, or he was blasted by opposing hitters (AlberT belle, CLE) but what remained the same was his unrelenting and confidence in himself to produce.  I even remember Opening Day against the BoSox 12 years ago when he was erradic. He beaned Rudy Pemberton in the hands with a fastball. The dude literally fell to the ground looked like it hurt... But nevertheless, Percy wasn't phased, he lost the game that night but the season was another success for him I believe. When you saw a save situation come up; whether it was Lee Smith, Percy, K-Rod, you were stoked to see them because you knew that game was going to be over. Everytime they would come I was pumped to see them...

When Fuentes comes in, what immediately comes to mind is "Oh No...just don't walk anyone".  Aren't closers supposed to have the Scowl, the intimidation, the hammer, and the unrelenting confidence. I know no one can get the save every night but Fuentes, there is no intimidation factor. He seems tenative and scared when he is on the mound. And to me, that is not closer material. Didn't we pay him 10 mill  year?

After hearing that interview with Hud, he said something of the sort "you have to look at the whole body of work of the pitcher instead of one night"..

So i looked..

2005-08 seemed like good years for Fuentes.

Suprisingly he had several great years as a closer for the Rox. He had similar numbers to Percy...

Maybe i'm just scarred from last years A-Roid HR in the ALCS on that 0-2 count. Maybe it skewed my analysis on his perfomance.


but lets be honest here..

Fuentes looks scared.....

I just wish we had a closer that we believed in. Someone that had the intensity of El Toro, and the lethalness of K-Rod.

What closer should be picked up or traded for at the Break? Any Suggestions???



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