What would it take to get Prince Fielder?

It's been mentioned by ESPN, Hardball, and Yahoo that the Brewers cannot afford to keep Prince Fielder AND Ryan Braun. Obviously, Braun is more talented and sought after than Prince. Fielders weight is obviously a concern for any team, the man stands at 5'11, 270lbs. He turns 26 May 9. His dad, Cecil, began to break down after the 96' season at age 32. If it truly is, like father, like son, Prince has 6 years before his decline. Perhaps ironic, that in Prince's first 4 full years in the bigs, he's hit 158 homeruns. Dad, Cecil his 160 homeruns in the same span. Cecil went on to have 6 more productive seasons, even though he got off to a little later start than his son, Prince (4 years). So is it reasonable to say Prince has 6 good years in him? I say yes. I also say, he could be the new face of our franchise from an offensive standpoint. We would need that extra power output come playoff time.


What could we offer the Brewers? Mike Napoli is as good of place to start as any. The Brewers have Greg Zaun and George Kottaras as their catchers. Napoli is ovbiously a huge offensive upgrade and eases the sting of losing Prince's power. I'd also offer Jaun Rivera. He can play RF for them. Corey Hart hasn't hit since 2008. As for replacing Prince at 1st, I'd offer up Mark Trumbo. Rivera is a solid 20HR, 80RBI, .280BA guy. Napoli is a 20HR, 75RBI, .270BA guy. I believe Trumbo could eventually be a 20HR, 80RBI, .260 BA guy. We've got strength to deal from and that's catcher, 1st base, and outfield. I want to put Prince at DH, and Matsui in LF. If need be, Morales has played some corner outfield before.


So in short, would a package of Napoli, Rivera, and Trumbo be enough for Prince Fielder?


1. Aybar SS

2. Abreu RF

3. Hunter CF

4. Fielder DH

5. Matsui LF

6. Morales 1st

7. Kendrick 2nd

8. Wood 3rd

9. Mathis C


How does that line-up sit with you? As for the future, we have youth on the way in Burjos, Pettit, Evans, Grichuk, and Trout. On the immediate horizon is Bourjos, Pettit and Evans. We can live with Matsui in LF for the rest of this year. Flipping Fielder and Morales every few games at DH and 1st base would keep them both refreshed.

This Fan-Post is authored by an independent fan. Tell us what you think and how you feel.

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