Looking ahead into next offseason

Yeah, I know, hold on there hoss, we still have a World Championship to win.  Once the season is over however, some expect the Angels to have a relatively quiet offseason in 2010/2011 compared to the past two.  Looking at what we may need, there are some intriguing names out there.  Off the top of my head, possible openings include:

Lead off hitter, setup/closer, LHRP, DH or corner OF and 3B.  

The Angels probably won't have too much financial freedom.  So if there are any big signings, they would come as a surprise and I wouldn't expect more than one.  More than anything, I think the Angels will make moves via the trade.  So according to possible vacancies, here's a list of players the Angels may have their eye on.

LHRP Arthur Rhodes

RHRP Takashi Saito

CL Rafael Soriano

CL Frank Francisco

DH/1B Hank Blalock

DH Vlad Guerrero - 9 million dollar option, 1 million buyout, good chance he hits the market, given Tex's financial constraints.

RF Jayson Werth

RF Brad Hawpe - 10 million dollar option, 500K buyout, good chance he hits the market given Colorado's depth.

LF Carl Crawford

3B Adrian Beltre - 5 million option, 1 million buyout, 10 million if he makes 640 PA, which he's not on pace to do.  Red Sox have infinite cash, he probably won't be available.

3B Aramis Ramirez - 14.6 million option.  He'll probably be available.

3B Jorge Cantu

3B Miguel Tejada

1B/RF/DH Adam Dunn

1B/DH Lance Berkman - 15 million option, 2 million buyout, you can bet he'll be available.


So everyone, which of these names intrigue you.  How much do you think we'll be able to spend.  How much do you think your preferred targets would cost and finally what impact would they have?

For me, given our financial constraints headed into next season, I doubt we'll have more than 10 million to spend.  So here's what I got on a limited budget.  

Plan A

Sign Jorge Cantu - 2 years 13 million, 3rd year option.  This slots him in at 3B and backup at 1B.  Maicer resumes his role playing 4 or 5 days a week when healthy, and Brandon Wood is either gone or deep on the bench until he figures something out.

Sign Arthur Rhodes - 1 year  3.5 million.  He takes over lefty specialist/setup role.

Plan B

Sign Miguel Tejada - 2 years 8 million.  Takes over at 3B, bats 2nd.  Maicer resumes his role and Wood is gone or deeply benched.

Sign Frank Francisco - 2 years 10 million.  Splits closer/setup role with Rodney and Jepsen.

This Fan-Post is authored by an independent fan. Tell us what you think and how you feel.

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