Black Holes and Revelations: Brandon Wood and "Lost" Obsessions

While we savor the latest Halo victory, geek out over the latest bullpen disaster, ponder Brandon Wood’s future (for the 3 millionth time), delight in the inexplicable explosion of decent PhiSlamma posts, bandy about totally ludicrous trade options (like Oswalt for Nap and Q), root the Lakers on to the Championships, etc., many of us find ourselves distracted by the final episode of Lost. I hope you will cut me some slack for bending HH posting rules (this post is diverging from baseball and sports just a wee bit), and discussing the finale of the show that many posters on HH (I believe) are obsessing about (well, not as much as we our about our bullpen...) . Anyway, what you may not have realized is that many of our favorite Angel players may be obsessing about Lost as well. As WiHalofan said in his wrap-up post on May 21:

“Santana says he concentrated a lot more.  Does that mean sometimes he's out on the mound thinking about the previous night's episode of ‘Lost’?”


Yes, we all are thinking and creating our own theories about Lost.  However, I have to admit, my ideas have pretty much gone up in smoke (pun intended) lately.

My theory was that the island was really an ancient alien spacecraft, ensconced in the earth’s crust (sort of like the alien tripod ships buried deep in our planet for centuries, in the film version of War of the Worlds). The “ship” (the island) contains the mega-powerful electromagnetic energy (i.e., “exotic material”), and both the powers of good and evil to test humanity in the hopes of finding in us something redeemable and thus worth saving. At the denouement, our fave castaways will ban together and by that show of group unity, defeat the smoke monster (“old smokie”) and prove humanity is worth saving. We see--in the final scene--a perfect shot of that luminous and luscious Hawaiian coastline and the 4 remaining castaway friends, locked arm in arm . . . fade to green . .


Ok, so much for that.


Anyway, perhaps you would like to share your final theories or questions below. The producers have acknowledged (on Jimmy Kimmel, etc.) that not all questions will be answered. So, yes, 'red herrings'  (unanswered clues and plot developments never explained) may proliferate. (Link).

Here are my Top 10 questions I hope will be answered in the final show:


1. Will John (“Old Smokie”) win and if so, what will happen to humanity?

2. Will Ben take over the island, and if so, will he sell it to Club Med?

3. Will Jack win, and if so, will he use it to grow really sweet cannibas and become a Rasta?

4. Can the Smoke Monster be defeated, and if so, how? (And wouldn't it be cooler if the monster actually

       killed everyone?--the gothic ending)

5. How is Desmond significant and what is he doing in the “parallel universe,” "flash sideways," or whatever it is?

6. What IS the point of that damned parallel universe?

7. Who the hell is that crazy homicidal woman who adopts the two boys, and how did she kill all the

       Island-ers?  (from the episode 2 weeks earlier)

8. Is the island some magical esoteric “realm of spiritual energy” locale as the crazy homicidal woman   

      who adopted the two boys suggests? And is this some sort of a planned subversion of trans-cultural creation

      myths or a last second attempt to add spiritual resonance to the story? Or was it all just Hurley's dream?

      Or, are they in hell, afterall, despite what the producers said originally. Or maybe it IS Gilligan's Island....

9. Who was the hottest babe on the show? Michele Rodriguez or Evangeline Lilly, and why?

10. Did this show ever really make any freaking sense?

This Fan-Post is authored by an independent fan. Tell us what you think and how you feel.

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