Compiling a Former Angels Team

After seeing Eckstein on SportsCenter I was wondering about how former Angels were doing across the league.  It is pretty well documented that the Angels are comfortable cutting ties too soon as opposed to too late.  Tex isn't included because he was just a rental.


C: Bengie Molina

.366 obp/ .378 slg/ .744 ops/ 2 hr/ 10 rbi

current salary:$4,500,000

1b: Casey Kotchman

.287 obp/ .333 slg/ .620 ops/ 3 hr/ 18 rbi

current salary:$3,517,500 

2b: Adam Kennedy

.326 obp/ .365 slg/ .691 ops/ 2 hr/ 13 rbi/ 5 sb

current salary:$1,250,000

SS: David Eckstein

.370 obp/ .405 slg/ .775 ops/ 1 hr/ 12 rbi/ 4 sb

current salary:$1,000,000


3b: Chone Figgins

.305 obp/ .252 slg/ .557 ops/ 0 hr/ 13 rbi/ 9 for 12 on steals

current salary:$8,500,000

Rf: Vladimir Guerrero

.371 obp/ .556 slg/ .927 ops/ 10 hr/ 37 rbi/ on an interesting note 4 for 6 on steals

current salary:$5,500,000


Cf: Jim Edmonds (it's a stretch due to age but it is the position he won 8 gold gloves at)

.362 obp/ .462 slg/ .824 ops/ 3hr/ 8 rbi (in 27 games in which he played pretty regularly apart from a 5 game stretch...currently on the dl)

current salary:$850,000

 Lf: Jose Guillen

.333 obp/ .529 slg/ .862 ops/ 11 hr/ 31 rbi

current salary:$12,000,000

Dh:Troy Glaus

.353 obp/.408 slg/.761 ops/6 hr/27 rbi

current salary:$1,750,000

Starters Salary:$38,867,500


Lf: Garrett Anderson

.178 obp/ .246 slg/ .424 ops/1 hr/ 7 rbi

current salary:$550,000

Dh: Orlando Cabrera

.304 obp/ .363 slg/ .667 ops/ 3 hr/ 20 rbi

current salary:$2,020,000

2b: Sean Rodriguez

.263 obp/ .343 slg/ .606 ops/ 1 hr/ 10 rbi

current salary:$405,500

CF: Gary Matthews Jr.

.250 obp/ .218 slg/ .468 ops/ 0 hr/ 1 rbi/ 1 sb

current salary:$11,400,000

C: Jose Molina

.367 obp/ .318 slg/ .685 ops/ 0 hr/ 4 rbi

current salary:$800,000

Bench Salary:$15,175,500 (thanks Gary)


Sp: John Lackey

4-3/5.07 era/ 34 k/ 26 bb

current salary:$18,700,000

Sp: Jarrod Washburn (retired but I'm not sure why no one signed him after a solid 2009 shown by stats below)

9-9/ 3.78 era/ 100 k/ 49 bb

last year's salary:$9,850,000

Sp: Jon Garland

5-2/ 2.38 era/ 31k/27 bb

current salary:$4,700,000

Rp: Darren Oliver

0-0/ 4 holds/ 1.59 era/ 24 k/ 5 bb ...........amazing k/bb ratio is impressive and questionable if it will hold up

current salary:$3,000,000

Rp: Darren O'Day

1-2/ 7 holds/ 1.53 era/ 12k/ 4 bb

current salary:$400,000

Rp: Jeff Weaver

2-1/ 3 holds/ 3.09 era/ 8 k/ 4 bb

current salary:$800,000

Rp: Brendan Donnelly

2-1/ 5 holds/ 5.25 era/ 10k/ 11 bb.....k/bb is weak but has pitched clean outings in 12/14...era is destroyed by 5 runs in 2/3 of an inning in a 17-3 loss

current salary:$1,350,000

Rp: Scott Schoeneweis 

1-0/ 1 hold/  7.90 era/ 12k/ 10 bb.....era was destroyed by giving up 9 runs in a three game span that included 3 innings (1 against us where we got 4 runs)...overall not too good but not as horrible as it looks

current salary:$500,000

Rp: Ramon Ortiz (turned into a long reliever...not too great in that role)

 1-2/ 6.30 era/ 21 k/ 16 bb

current salary:$1,000,000

Rp:Kevin Gregg (new stats guys prove my hunch right and show hes better than he seems)

0-1/ 12 saves-2 blown/ 3.54 era/ 22k/ 9 bb

current salary:$2,000,000

Cl: K Rod

2-1/ 8 saves/ 1.96 era/ 25 k/ 10 bb

current salary:$12,166,666

Pitchers Salary:$53,566,666

Team Salary:$107,609,666

Current Team Salary:$104,161,666 (for 20 players)

essentially the same money wise...gmj, k-rod, lackey, guillen are the big time perpetrators with contracts over $10 million



Well there's 25 players...turn Ortiz and Weaver back into starters and you have a complete team.  I know a lot of stats are conditional but with a lineup of:


you have a pretty good, balanced lineup.  Once Figgins gets out of his slump he can go 2nd with Kennedy returning to his old spot 8th with Kotchman at 9th.  With that lineup you have 2 pretty good table setters and then 3-7 gives you good power with a guy we have all seen do great things at 8 and finally a player that a team has hitting 3rd in our 9 hole.  As BeerCub noted, this team could be managed by Bud Black and Joe Maddon which would please a lot of people who have questions about Sosh.  I am not trying to say that they should have kept everyone I just think it's interesting that our castoffs might make a better offense than what we have got. 

Oliver, O'Day, Gregg and K-Rod make up a solid core for the pen with Donnelly/Schoeneweis as clean up/long relievers.  Starting pitching would probably be the weak point but if Escobar ever gets back you probably have decent starters 1-4.

The main point is that the Angels need to be more loyal to their players.  It is always important to have a young team but it has been disappointing to see quality players basically cast aside.  While it was drawn out over a few years it seems like the 2002 team got a "Thanks for the championship, the exit is the second door on the left".  We need to keep people around like Salmon who can retire with the team.  As difficult as it was watching GA his last year here I think the right thing was done with him, he just should have realized it was time to retire.  I was for letting Vlad go but I realize now that letting him go like that after how integral a part of the team he was, was a mistake.

I just hope people like Weaver and Morales will get to retire as Angels and not be discarded once they start to decline.

This Fan-Post is authored by an independent fan. Tell us what you think and how you feel.

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