Wigginton for 3B?

Ok, HH readers. What do you think?

I look at the currently hobbled Angels Roster and I think...

Man, does Brandon Wood suck.

I was a huge Wood believer. I just regurgitated the kool-aid. The guy may have potential to be a contributing major leaguer, I'm just convinced it won't ever happen in Anaheim. 

That said, there's a third baseman I think would be a good long term solution languishing in the (19-50) AAA team in the bottom of the AL East. Thats right, the Orioles

It used to be that Brandon Wood, while completely useless with the bat at the MLB level, could be counted on for somewhat solid glove-work. 

Anyone watch yesterdays game? I know he's no Aybar, but SS is his NATURAL position, albeit one from which he's been removed for some time. The glove was a vacuum only in that he SUCKED with it in Chicago. Scioscia even defended that bonehead "Throw to third w/out the force" decision he made, but Scioscia rarely calls anyone out, and everyone can agree that that play would get laps from a High school coach. 

So back to the point of this post. Ty Wigginton. I know we wouldn't get him for say, Brandon Wood, straight up, but he's an interesting choice. He's hitting well, against ALEast pitching, especially, provides some pop. His defensive numbers at third are at LEAST league average, which would be an upgrade over Brandon Wood, and he can play third, first, and some second base, heck, even some corner outfield. He's no spring chicken, but he isn't exactly long in the tooth. 

I say Wood + Minor league pitching prospect gets it done, the Orioles get younger at 3b (still have that old guy, whats his name..migue..yeah, that one. ), And I think the Angels could make Wigginton a 2-3 year offer. He's like Frandsen w/ the versatility, too, and I think he's a cali guy so the move/sign might be easy. 


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