Angels Pick Off Dodgers on Basepaths

Final Score in Los Angeles of Anaheim: Dodgers 1, Angels 2 ...

"I've had some hairy ones" - Angels closer Brian Fuentes to FSN airhead-with-a-mic Micahel Eaves after a crazy end to the game Wednesday night.

Fuentes may be the closer, but it was an alert Juan Rivera who saved the day with a great toss from LF on the most chaotic game ending play of the season for the Angels.

Let's recap a crazy bottom of the 9th that they will be talking about for a long time:

- B. Fuentes relieved K. Jepsen
- M. Kemp safe at first on shortstop B. Wood's throwing error
- R. Belliard hit for G. Anderson
- R. Belliard singled to center, M. Kemp to second
- R. Johnson ran for R. Belliard
- C. Blake struck out swinging
- M. Kemp picked off at third, pitcher to second
- R. Martin walked, R. Johnson to second
- J. Carroll hit for B. DeWitt
- J. Carroll singled to shallow left, R. Johnson to third, R. Martin to second, R. Martin out at second

On that final play, Halos Heaven commenter Robviously describes in detail what happened to end the game:

Jamey Carroll hits a bloop that Juan Rivera picks up on the bounce. The lead runner is heading home but Rivera throws it to second and Kendrick tags out the second runner before the lead runner reaches home. Game over. Angels win.

Pinerio gets the win, Fuentes gets the save, Kendrick and Hunter each had an RBI, Frandsen and Napoli each had a run scored, but in the bottom of the 9th, Juan Rivera threw a bullet to Howie, who tagged the runner at 2B for the 3rd out of the inning before the tying run had crossed the plate.

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