SLC Bees vs. Portland Beavers - 6/2/10 (Photos)

It was a cold, rainy day in Portland for a baseball game. The crowd was so thin last night that if you yelled anything or laughed too loudly, it echoed throughout the park. It hovered the entire time in the high 50's and a gust of wind would roll through every now and then to make it feel like November. AH, JUNE IN PORTLAND, gotta love it!

Here are some photos and bulletin points from the game:

* The Bees struck out a combined 15 times. They had struck out six times by the second inning.

* Brandon Wood: There is only one word to describe Wood's performance tonight: terrible. Not only did he strike out three times on horrible pitches but he also made an error on a extremely soft groundball that ended up costing O'Sullivan a run. He also threw wildly to first on a bunt that could also have easily been an error. I dont like to make judgments on a players mental make-up, but Wood looked downright HORRIBLE tonight.

* Hank Conger: King Conger had two bases stolen against him tonight behind the dish. However, both of them were stolen on slow breaking pitches. In addition, both throws were tight, accurate and on-target. In fact, both were so close that they could have gone either way. He also blocked a series of bad pitches by O'Sullivan with the bases juiced and threw out a runner trying to steal third. With the timber, he was one for four but popped up with the bases jammed. Here's video of Conger's pop-up.

*Peter Bourjos: It's pretty obvious Peter needs to work on working the count. He struck out three times today and each time went up hacking. However, he did get a hit and here's a video if it.

* Sean O'Sullivan: Pitched 8 innings of solid pitch to contact, his longest outing of the season. The two runs he gave up were due to flair, BS hits and an error by Wood. Flukes, really. I like SOS and hope he makes the back-end of  our rotation, eventually. His ERA is high but his K to BB rate is solid.

*The Rest: Nate Sutton hit his first home-run of the season. McAnualty looked fat. Cory Aldridge looked old. Trumbo made a couple nice defensive plays (surprising, I know!), Patchett continued to wave at balls that bounced through the gaps and Cassevah got the L.


Hey look, it's Brandon Wood...

and he strikes out flailing at a crappy pitch (notice chalk in the other batters box...that's where the ball bounced!)

O'Sullivan 1:

O'Sullivan 2:

Astro-turf lives:

Did I mention how it echoed throughout the park?

Question: Is this guy important? He hung around the dugout the entire game:

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