Family Night in High Single A - 5/30/10

I know this is late but i dont have any free time.

As a cheap Angels Fan there is not many times i can see the Angels play.  I can go to Oakland and pay $18 to park and $25 per person for bleacher seats.   I cant spend that type of money so i go to minor league games.   Living in the South Bay Area the only team is the San Jose Giants.  This past weekend, 5/30, they played the Angels Single A team the RC Quakes.   This is a breakdown of the events that happened that night.

During my single years I would go to the San Jose Giants games after work on Friday night because of the traffic, 1 hour to get home at 6 pm.  I would get some great BBQ at Turkey Mikes and eat it as the game started.  Parking $8, ticket $8, and BBQ meal $5. Now that i am married this never happens.   When I saw in the newspaper that the RC Quakes were going to make there lone appearance this past weekend I had to go.  And it was the end of my latest semester of SJSU.  I looked online for tickets and found out that free tickets were being given away at the local OSH, so i got the wife to pick up a few.

It was Vladimir's first game, he did ok.  Was tired but napped through innings 7 to 9.  I took the wife, the daughter and her friend.  Parking $9, tickets FREE, and food $30. 

The stadium is great it was built in 1942 and every seat is a great seat.  Everything is hard painted from the signs in the outfield to arrows on the ground showing you where the bathrooms, food, and beer is at.  The place is great and when it is pack the stadium rocks.  The game that i went to was packed to capacity, 4,934 people.  About the same amount the A's draw this season.  A great family environment.


I had my Flip cam with me and with the suggestion of rghan I tried to video tape some of the future stars of the Angels.  This would prove more difficult then first thought because of my 7 month old son.   All pitcher videos have speed readouts.

This first video is of Alexi Amarista.  From what I saw he looked good in the field making two great plays (both i missed with my camera).  He hit good too and stole a base but later got caught.  He should be promoted to AA he is a talent and most of all looks like something.

Nest video is of Rian Kiniry.  I followed him because he was the beer batter.  If he strikes out Beer is half off.  I have seen this once and the stadium will empty very fast.  He pissed off everyone with what he did, including me.  Kiniry was fast and that is all I noticed.


Next video is of Chris Scholl.  He was impressive pitching 3 innings and giving up 3 hits.


Next video is of Eddie McKiernan.  He came into the game in the 9th and lost it in overtime in the tenth.


Next video is of Nick Pugliese, nothing special to report.


Next video is of Orangel Arenas.  This was his first game in HIgh A and it showed he looked lost and gave up 5ER and a leadoff homerun.


The game was good even though the Quakes lost in the 10th inning.  Gabe Jacobo looked bad at this game.  He was slow, and was bad at first base misplaying two balls.  Younger and Jimenez both hit towering home runs, at night the balls do not fly at this park.  Most impressive was the leadoff hitter for the Giants, Perez, he was 4-6 with a leadoff homerun and the game winning hit in the 10th. 

Last video is of my sons reaction to waking up and seeing the SJ Giants mascot, Gigante.



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