Anyone know what positions we're drafting for?

I'm just curious, I know most organizations will say something like "best available player" but does anyone here actually have a good handle on what we're looking for?  My best guess would be rghan.  Anyway, here is what I came up with.

Catcher - Mathis is still pretty young and Wilson is too.  Napoli is a solid defensively for a backup, though he's primarily a DH by next season.  COnger continues to develop and has turned into at least an adequate defensive backstop with a bat.  Carlos Ramirez has shown promise though his bat is underwhelming this year.  I don't think we'll be heavy on catchers early in the draft.

First Base - I think we might draft one if it's early, but later 1B I have doubts.  We already have plenty of questionable 1B behind Morales in the system.  Trumbo hasn't shown the OBP to be a good major leaguer, but he has progressed.  Baird may or may not be an acceptable 1B.  Gabe Jacobo and Roberto Lopez can both play 1B, but neither seem destined for anything more than role player status.  I just don't know enough about Haerther to make a sound judgement.  So if it's a stud top of the line 1B, yeah we might make that move, otherwise I'd say the system has all it needs.  Possible targets, Christian Yelich, local 1B for Westlake HS.

Second Base - We have tons of depth here.  Howie is still young and Maicer isn't going anywhere for another couple years.  Ryan Mount once had scouts excited.  Alex Amarista is quickly becoming an organizational favorite.  Jean Segura has similar talent as well. 

Shortstop - Aybar is still young and once again, we have Maicer.  However after that, there is a considerable drop off.  Darwin Perez is toolsy but hasn't put anything together yet.  Andrew Romine isn't exactly young anymore and seems destined for a utility role if any.  This seems like a position the Angels may want to draft for.  Possible Targets: Christian Colon from CSF, Kaleb Cowart HS in GA, Nick Castellanos, HS in FL, Yordy Cabrera, HS in FL.

Third Base - Definitely a weak spot in the organization currently.  The team has Maicer, Frandsen and Wood.  Down on the farm, Baird may or may not be a legit 3B, depending on his health and defense.  Lucho has an exciting bat but also makes plenty of mistakes and has a lot to work on before we even consider him.  I wouldn't be surprised to see the Angels go after one early.  Zach Cox seems out of reach, most likely target is Nick Casetellanos who is also a shortstop.  

Outfield - Lots of names, not too many exciting.  After the starting 3 we have Willits and Ryan who both plays their roles.  Aldridge and Evans down in AAA, once again, role players.  Jeremy Moore sometimes seems like an option, more than likely another role player.  Of course there's Mike Trout and once Grichuk gets healthy again, hopefully he shows us what he's capable of.  I'd say the team needs more depth here.  Top targets include: Josh Sale, HS in WA, Austin Wilson, local HS product, Brett Eribner, Arkansas, Gary Brown CSF, Levon Washington, Chipola. 

Pitching - We always need more pitching, who doesn't?  I won't go through them all but the system is defnitely lined with solid pitchers.  Just to name a few, Reckling, Smith, Chatwood, Skaggs, Richards and Martinez, and those are the just the starters with good upside, there's plenty more and you know we'll be drafting them.  


Just for funsies, 18th pick I have us grabbing Castellanos 3B/SS, Yordy Cabrera SS for the 29th pick, Dylan Covey, RHP witht he 3oth pick and with the two sandwich picks I've got the Angels grabbing LeVon Washington, OF drafted in the 1st round last year by Tampa Bay and a local RHP Tago.

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