First Round Draft Reactions

The Angels never fail to surprise.  Now that we've all had time to think about our newest potential prospects, I'd like to see what everyone else thinks and has questions about.

1. Kaleb Cowart - 3B (HS GA) 18th pick  Now that we know he's been drafted as a 3B, the pick seems to make much more sense.  The system needed a good power hitting 3B.  The good thing is, if the Angels fail to sign him, they'll get the 19th pick of 2011 draft, which is supposedly MUCH deeper in terms of positional talent.  

Questions - How much does he want to sign?  How does he stack up against other infielders taken so far (Vitek, Castellanos, Cox).  I'm thinking that if the Angels wanted a power hitting 3B and were willing to spend money, why not Zack Cox?  Is Cowart's ceiling higher/

2. Cam Bedrosian - RHP (HS GA) 29th pick.  He certianly has the looks and pedigree of a good pitcher.  He's not physically imposing like other top pitching prospects, but then again neither is Tyler Chatwood and he's doing better than fine.  This is right around where many sites expected Bedrosian to go, so it doesn't seem like an over draft.

Questions - Is he a starter or a reliever.  MLB Network sees him as a reliever, in which case, why would we draft a reliever so high?  I doubt this prediction, I think the Angels will give him a shot as a starter.  More importantly, how does he compare to other arms drafted after him.  Aaron Sanchez just plain looks better on video, as does Tago and (gulp) Stetson Allie, who nobody drafted yet.  Does Bedrosian have a strong desire to go to college like Cowart?

3. Chevez Clarke - OF (HS GA) 30th pick.  A relatively unknown player in Angels circles before the draft, this Clarke guy looks extremely projectable.  This reminds me a lot of last year, when we drafted Grichuk, no one know who he was then saw his videos for the HR thing and got really excited.  Speed, power, athleticism, defense, it looks like he has it all.

Questions - Why wasn't he such a big deal coming into the draft.  In terms of projectability he certainly appears to outmatch earlier picks and matches up well with Michael Choice who was taken 10th overall.  Is he a threat to go to college instead?  i'm just trying to understand how a player of his capabilities, that played in the All-American game, can go untaken while other players who don't have his tools leapt off the board earlier.  Is there something we're missing?

4. Taylor Lindsay - SS (HS AZ) 37th pick.  Here's one that jut seems like a HUGE over draft.  Not a whole lot of info on him.  Scouting reports suggest work needs to be done at the plate and don't offer much hope for him remaining a shortstop.  He's committed to ASU.  Can't find any video on him.  However, there must be something there if ASU wants him and the Angels drafted him.  Be wary of shortstops from Scottsdale, Arizona that the Angels draft in the first round...I always/never say.

Questions - Why Taylor Lindsay?  If we wanted an infielder/OF that couldn't remain at SS, why not the higher rated Nick Castellanos or Drew Vettleson?  The only thing I can think of that made Linsay jump this high up the board was the fact that he was rumored to try out for catcher with at least one unspecified team.  There's pictures of this kid wearing an Angels uniform during a scrimmage or game, so more than likely it was the Angels.  So is he actually a catcher?  Will he be difficult to lure away from college powerhouse ASU?  

5. Ryan Bolden - OF (HS MS) 40th pick.  Here's a head scratcher.  This guy wasn't expected to leave the board for another round or three.   Were our scouts stranded in the deep South and forced to only look in one area?  He's an OF that's seen as EXTREMELY raw, but projectable.  Fun fact, he's a rare bat right throw left player, like Rickey Henderson, and he's fast too.

Questions - Why are we drafting on projectability alone here?  It seems like the Angels would try for a college bat or arm to even things out like they did last year with Trout/Grichuk and Richards/Corbin.  MLB Bonus baby doesn't see the kid as a super star in the making as he has a weaker arm, doesn't take great routes, doesn't have any power, but can run really fast.  Bolden's frame suggests he can become much more, but there still seems like there's at least a dozen more OF's still available that would make more sense than Bolden here.  Our scouts must see something in him.  We sure grabbed a lot of OF in the past couple of years.    

In conclusion, the Angels did just what rghan said they'd do, they have their own draft plan, march to their own beat.  Clearly, they think they see something that others don't.  Given the success of Richards, Trout and Chatwood, I wouldn't be surprised if they were right.  However, you can count me among those who are left scratching their head, wondering whether to give the Angels an  A+ or F- on their first day.  It's hard to fathom it being somewhere in the middle with all these surprises.  I think we'll see the Angels hit the high school pitching ranks hard tomorrow.  Good draft day everyone, good threads.

This Fan-Post is authored by an independent fan. Tell us what you think and how you feel.

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