Angels Fail To Carry Ace Who Has Carried Them

The secret to Weaver's success: throwing sand in the opposing hitter's eyes. Unfortunately, most players wear glasses during day games.

Final Score in Oakland: A's 5, Angels 2

Bobby Abreu hit a home run. If you want something positive, there it is. You can stop reading now.

MLB strikeout leader and All-Star snub Jered Weaver had a tough luck start. He struck out 7 in 6 innings while walking only 1, but 5 of his 8 base runners came around to score. Two of those runs came on a homer by Jack Cust, the poor man's Adam Dunn, except that Cust doesn't hit home runs against anyone but the Angels these days. The other blow was a two-run, two-out, two-strike bloop single by Adam Rosales, the A's pipsqueak utility infielder. That's the kind of day it was for Jered.

Once again the Angels offense couldn't be bothered to wake up before noon and make it out to the ballpark before the game was out of reach. The flailing lineup totally crumpled against the competent if unspectacular Trevor Cahill, who made the All-Star team nonetheless. The Angels have now scored 2 runs or fewer in 9 of their last 11 games.

So the Angels won just one game this week. They produced just 13 runs in 7 games while their opponents scored 39. They failed to capitalize on a similarly pathetic performance by the Texas Rangers, who were swept at home in a four-game series against the worst team in the American League. They head into the All-Star Break 4.5 games out of first place with a 47-44 record, by far their worst first-half since 2006. You know what else they haven't done since 2006? Yes, I'm sure you do. You don't need me to remind you.


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