Mike Trout: Stock Rising, Hype Train Just About Full


The Trout Train really is getting uncomfortable. Whereas before, I could perhaps get a seat, i'm now resigned to either standing in the aisle or finding some room on the top of the train, slumdog millionaire style. Here is how Trout was viewed by some major scouts/publications coming into the future's game that took place in our own back yard yesterday:

Baseball America Midseason top 25 prospects: 2. Mike Trout

Frankie Piliere Midseason top 25 prospects: 1. Mike Trout

Keith Law Midseason (updated) top 25 prospects: 3. Mike Trout

Kevin Goldstein (Baseball Prospectus) top 11 prospects Still in the Minors: 2. Mike Trout

Here is a rundown of the impression left by our very own star prospect from the futures game...

Baseball America

Most Exciting Player: Mike Trout, cf, Angels
Promoted to high Class A Rancho Cucamonga this weekend, Trout had a loud first half at low Class A Cedar Rapids and was perhaps the most anticipated prospect in Sunday's game. He didn't disappoint...

Trout's aggressiveness and physicality prompted one pro scout to compare him last week to NFL linebacker Brian Urlacher, a comparison Trout says he gets a lot.

"I guess it's because of the physicality," Trout said. "I played quarterback so I don't know about linebacker, but he's a pretty solid player who plays with power and speed, so I think it's a good thing."

Best Speed: Mike Trout, cf, Angels
...The best speed anyone showed during the game belonged to Mike Trout. A true 80 runner on the 20-80 scale, Trout didn't hit a ball out of the infield until he doubled in the eighth inning, yet he reached base in all four of his plate appearances thanks to his wheels. At his fastest, Trout reached first base at 3.9 seconds from the right side.

Ben Badler (Baseball America) Twitter

Mike Trout looks like he could be playing Division 1 football right now if he wanted to

Mike Trout's hits the CF wall with his first swing. I think this guy was created in a laboratory somewhere

Trout hits two balls into the rocks in center field in his 2nd round. Fun to watch a future perennial all-star when he's 18

Important to remember what levels of the minors these guys are at. Trout just hit a laser off a good AA pitcher

Thought I might have been fast, but a couple other scouts had Trout at 3.9 seconds to 1B too. Legit 80 runner

Mike Trout just padded his UZR with that catch. Most guys have to dive for that one

John Manuel (Baseball America) Twitter

trout just showed you 80 run. impressive

trout stretches 1b into 2b prompting anaheim native grant green to yell, 'that's angel baseball right there.'

Jim Callis (Baseball America) Twitter

 Um, yes, Mike Trout can really run. Turns a single for most guys into a double.

ESPN: Keith Law Blog

Hank Conger (Angels) won the MVP award for the Futures Game because he hit the home run, but Mike Trout (Angels) was by far the most impressive player in the game, and had a better case for the MVP award (as did Eric Hosmer). Trout ran the fastest time from home to first that I've ever had from a right-handed hitter (3.94 seconds), and had one of the most impressive hustle doubles I've ever seen.

He's a ridiculously good athlete who has great makeup where it counts, on the field, where his instincts and feel are those of a player 10 years his senior. He played excellent defense in center all day, and given this newfound speed, I don't see doubts about his ability to remain there, because he could add 20 pounds of muscle and still have plenty of speed to have above-average range. He's not the best prospect in the minors, but once the Phillies call up the next guy in this article, he will be.

Fantasy vs Reality: Futures Game Video - Keith Law and Jason Gray discuss Trout

Keith Law Twitter

Trout's run time to first matched the fastest I've ever gotten from a right handed hitter.

Holy crap. #Trout.

I think Trout could handle AA, but those two-level jumps aren't common and he is only 18.

Fangraphs: Dave Cameron

Moving on to guys who belonged here, Mike Trout. Almost all of my pre-game discussions inevitably drifted to how good he was, and that was before he put on a show in both BP and the game itself. Sometimes, the hype train runs out of control on guys like this, but with him, it’s deserved. If he’s not the best prospect in the game right now, he’s close to it, and he doesn’t turn 19 until next month. Crazy good. 

Fangraphs: Bryan Smith

Mike Trout’s Baseball Tool. The talk of Angels Stadium today, by a country mile, was Mike Trout. First, we saw his football build. Then, came batting practice. Trout hit about five baseballs out, and hit the centerfield wall on his first swing. The power hasn’t arrived yet, but it’s there. Then, in four plate appearances, Trout managed to hit the ball hard each time, and showed his 80 speed in each at-bat. Throw in a little savvy and a lot of make-up, and you have the game’s big story (if not the MVP – his future teammate won that for clubbing a fastball over the right field fence).

Frankie Piliere: MLB Fanhouse Scouting Analyst

After seeing Trout in May, I was convinced that he was a superior talent. Following his performance on Sunday in the Futures Game, I'm even more thoroughly convinced. Not only did Trout show off all five tools, but also outstanding instincts and baseball smarts. Trout used his plus speed to turn a typically routine single to right-center field into a double, and turned in a 3.89 home-first time. Before the game, the right-handed swinging outfielder showed off big carry to the middle of the field, and during the game he hit the ball as consistently hard as any player on either roster. Despite being among the youngest players to participate, he may have been the best player on the field.

Peter Gammons (ESPN Analyst) Twitter

From Futures:Mike Trout plays for Angels next year. Scioscia thinking sooner

And because I liked his comment and enthusiasm so much, I felt it only right to include...

Halowood (resident Halos Heaven prospect cheerleader) 

In the big leagues, professional hitters smack a ball like that and jog to firstbase pleased with themselves. Not Mike Trout. He ran hard straight out of the box, rounded first base like an aggressive player should, saw an opening when the center fielder made an unecessarily fancy spin and elongated crow hop and took the extra base.

He’s the most gifted, hungriest ball player I’ve ever seen. You just don’t see guys like Mike Trout or Dustin Pedroia for that matter very often anymore. They love the game, and play it the way it was meant to be played and never stop pressing. Most guys like that don’t have the talent to go pro

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