Bees Buzzing in Colorado Springs

Well, the moment I've been waiting for finally arrived. The Bee's are in town for a 3 game series! I got my tickets a few days back and sat right at the Bees' dugout. I (technically we, as I made my wife and daughter come too) got there about an hour early and got to chat a bit with the Bees radio guy. He obviously was excited about seeing an Angel fan in foreign lands, as well as letting me know Trumbo and Thompson made the All-Star Game. I asked to see if there was any news of Thomson and Halowood, er, uh, Kohn joining the Angels soon and he seemed pretty optimistic. I think he is really pulling for Thomson to get another shot but it seemed that management in Anaheim has had other thoughts. He also said that Trumbo definitely needs more ripening before making his big league debut.


All Star Mark Trumbo (via stuck in Romania)

As the players started coming out on the field just about every single one stopped to sign autographs for my daughter and one other little boy. Got Trumbo, Evans, Amarista, Kohn, McAnulty, Thompson, Cassevah, and many more.


Terry Evans (via stuck in Romania)


Bees head towards the field (via stuck in Romania)

It was also Alexi Amarista's first game with the Bee's and he did not disappoint going 3-4, with a double, triple, 2 runs scored, and a SB. He was my choice for "Man of the Match". Paul McAnulty was also crushing the ball hitting a HR and a double off the wall, and Eric Junge pitched well in his first AAA start striking out 8 and only giving up a 2 run HR in the 6th.

Besides that there was a lot of sloppy play, Conger was playing catch w/ Bourjos in CF as the Skysox were stealing bases. Bourjos, who is the next Torii "Gold Glove" Hunter, dropped a line drive. And then there was Kohn. He inherited 3 runners (all walks by Dehoyos) and let 2 in off the bat of the first hitter. He then threw a ball a away on a sacrifice bunt, allowing one more in. He got a strike out throwing up to 94, but then the next batter hit the first pitch into the left field corner to drive in the last 2 runs. Final score 8-7

Overall it was a great experience seeing and talking with the players. Other random facts that have nothing to do with anything... McAnulty is indeed a fatty as Bryan Harvey's Moustache pointed out earlier, but hit the crap outta the ball. Amarista is tiny, but freakin' fast on the bases. Nick Gorneault is looking like a real vet. I was wondering who is this old guy with the bald head. Terry Evans was really nice, giving a bat away to a fellow Angel fan even after losing the game in the 9th.

And now for those of you who clicked just for the pictures....


Conger swings and misses (via stuck in Romania)


Eric Junge struck out 8 (via stuck in Romania)




Paul McAnulty (via stuck in Romania)


Kohn fires in (via stuck in Romania)

You can check out some more pics on my Flickr Account. Enjoy!!!

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