Writing off the Angels Yet?

Well the Angels are Five Games out of the First Place Texas Rangers who keep playing well. And the Angels have probably there biggest two week schedule of the season.


The series at Yankee Stadium and Arlington, the Angels need to play there best ball of the year if they want to stay in this race. The Angels have had rough times at the New Yankee Stadium and in Texas going a combined 1-4 there so far this season.And had have troubles in the past. The Angels played way better at the old Yankee Stadium until the Yankees went on there little Shopping Spree in the winter if 08 and 09 and got a new stadium also. And the Angels have had there struggles off and on at Texas. 


Then we come home for the Sox who dominated us at Fenway in early May but right now they have half there players on the DL, so the Rangers took care of business at Fenway and we need to take care of business at the Big A when they come to town next week. Then another huge series vs Texas but at home this time when we took two of three.


Now if we play like garbage in these two weeks then we will have to look towards this offseason.


I think it's to early to say Texas will win the Division. Its July 20th and were only 5 games back. I've seen a few ESPN analysts say Texas have pretty much won that Division with the trade of Cliff Lee. Yes it does improve there staff big time. But remember in 2004. Oakland had a great pitching staff. Barry Zito, Dan Haren, Tim Hudson, and also Mark Mulder, and the Angels  went into Oakland for the final series of the season and won the division by one game. The Rangers do have a young staff (not including Cliff Lee). Wilson has had a solid year in his first year as a starter. Tommy Hunter has been outstanding since being called up in June, Scott Feldman has been awful for Texas after having an 18 win season last year.


It is possible though to come back in this division.


But you don't hear ESPN saying Boston wont make the playoffs, even though they have half of guys on the DL. Also you don't hear them saying the Phillies season is over and they continue to struggle also. Lost three of four from the Cubs and just lost to the Cardinals last night.


Anyway now the Angels need to acquire a big bat, like an Adam Dunn or Fielder or also maybe an Adam LaRoche. Fielder is doubtful though because a huge contract, the Brewers would want alot for him and also his agent is Scott Boras. The reason I think we need a big bat the most is because the Rangers acquired Cliff Lee. Two weeks ago our biggest need was a reliever and that still is but our bats really have been quiet but they did show life vs the Mariners still we can't go on one of these hot and cold times. We need to play consistent.


A Starting Pitcher would be nice also with the struggles of Kazmir who's ERA is at 6.92. Finally he's on the DL maybe a few weeks rest and a week in the minors will help him. Dan Haren has been in rumors of lately but I would not do that deal. His ERA is 4.60 and he has a big contract as well. So Ted Lilly or Jake Westbrook would be good fits as Starting Pitchers. 


So the Angels need to get through these two weeks without getting that hurt. If they go in and get swept by the Yankees and lose 3 of 4 then lets look forward to Free Agency and signing Carl Crawford. A huge fan of him a terrific leadoff hitter and can hit for some power. The Angels will be pursuing him this offseason and Torii will be doing some recruiting he said.


So just cross your fingers and hope we can still be in this race by the end of July

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