If elegible, Jered Weaver should start the all star game.

Jered Weaver is currently scheduled to start Sunday, the last game prior to the all star break.  Therfore making Weaver, ineligible to pitch in the all-star game according to new MLB rules to avoid a reoccurence of the 2002 all star game. But if Jered can pitch I would like to see him start the game.  Although David Price is having an incredible year, 11-3 with a 2.44 ERA, Joe Giradi should select the Angel's Jered Weaver to start the all-star.  Weaver is no slouch himself posting an 8-3 record with a 2.82.  Weaver is also leading the major leagues in strikeouts with 124.  If Weaver does not pitch on the Sunday before the all-star game, Joe Giradi should consider the positive results of sending the Ange's ace to the mound.

        1.  Starting Jered Weaver would provide a tremendous audience for the hometown crowd in his home venue.

     Speaking from a biased point of view, it would be a spectacular treat to watch an Angels pitcher start the all-star game in the stadium I love and know.  It would provide for an electric atmosphere to start the game off.  It is not quite equivalent to Terry Francona selecting Mariano Rivera to pitch the 9th in the 2008 all star game in Yankee Stadium, but it has the same emotional appeal for the fans of the hosting team.

         2.  Jered Weaver is a capable ace and is deserving for the honor

      Jered Weaver has been the undisputed ace of the Angels rotation leading the major leagues in strikeouts (124) also posting a solid ERA (2.82) and record (8-3).  And it's safe to say that if it weren't for some sloppy bullpen efforts, Jered would have several more victories.  Recognizing the relative instability of the rest of the rotation, Weaver has been a model of consistentcy that the Angels could lean on agruably the Angels MVP for the season thus far.

       3.  Jered Weaver might be one of the Angels only all-stars

     Jered is the only player that I can reasonably say deserves an all star invitation considering the priorly mentioned stats. For the hometown crowd, it would be a huge disappointment to not see a single Angel play (like last year!).  The only other Angel I can see making the team, an outside chance, is Torii Hunter.  He has solid stats and is unquestioned offensive mvp, .290 AVG 12HR 53 RBI.  Other than Hunter and Weaver, I don't see any other Angel with a chance to make the team.  I am sorry but most of the team individually  has been mediocre at best.

     Choosing the starting pitcher for the all-star game is often a difficult decision.  Joe Giradi has his hands full with a handful of great pitching talents that have excelled this season.  But considering the different factors at hand, Giradi should select dream Weaver to start the summer classic.   Although this scenario seems unlikely at the moment with Jered slated for Sunday and Scoscia unwillingness to budge, Jered and the Angels truly deserve it.

This Fan-Post is authored by an independent fan. Tell us what you think and how you feel.

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