Kids are perceptive

My daughter is 4 years old and is a baseball savant. She calls balls and strikes on TV and even tells me when the umpire 'should' have called the pitch a strike. She can name all the players including the coaches, and has favorite players and guys she doesn't like. A group of parents and I were talking and we were commenting about how perceptive some kids can be, and the fact that they are so honest about their feelings. So my wife and I decided for fun to get her perception on some players, it turns out she is more perceptive than we thought.

Below are some of her observations and feelings.

Kendry Morales - He has weird teeth, hits the ball hard

Howie Kendrick - I like him daddy, he always smiles, gets hits, and is friends with mike scioscia (she is referring to the Howards commercials)

Erick Aybar- He doesnt always get hits, but sometimes dives for the ball. Throws hard

Brandon Wood-  I dont like him (why audrey?) because he always swings and misses (And what happens after that?) its the other teams turn to bat.

Mike Napoli - He always has a beard, hits homeruns, I like him

Jeff mathis - why is he catching today? where is Mike Napoli?

Torii Hunter- He is my favorite Angel, now that Vladdy and Chone Figgins is gone. He is the best. (she names her fish Torri Hunter)

Bobby Abreu - He seems like he is slow. Why does he always look at the umpire after the pitch?

Juan Rivera - Sometimes he hits Homeruns but I dont know if I like him or not

Macier Izturis - No daddy no!  (she cowers away at his photo and when he comes to bat covers her eyes. She is scared of him, but listens to what happens and claps for him)

Rob Quinlan -Why is he batting, look how he's batting daddy

Mike Scioscia- Why is he always rubbing his mouth

Scott sheids - Uh Oh

Brian Fuentes - (she only sees him when its away games because she can't stay up late. but when we showed him to her for this post she rolled her eyes and said...) Not again... (she hates when the other team scores and this is what she says when the score, but also what she says when he comes into the game)

Chone Figgins and Vladdy- We still like them right daddy, can we still root for them when they aren't playing the Angels?

John Lackey - BOOOOO Red Sox!

when I asked about the pitchers she says -We need some better ones.


I know this is a departure from all of the, "I hate Tony Reagins for not making a trade" or "what are we going to do about..." posts, and I am sure that most won't care. I found it interesting that most of the things that we feel while watching the games are being felt by kids too. My daughter watches each game and always comments. I just thought I'd write them down. 

Finally when I said what would you want to say to the Angels Audrey? ---- "Get some hits! and throw strikes!"

Kids are smart. Get some hits and throw strikes Angels.



This is what she does when Maicer comes to bat.. and she asks, "Did he get a hit" she just doesn't want to look at him





She got an autograph from Torii Hunter



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