Why the Angels will still win the West in 2010

Alright folks, I've been much more active recently on the fan posts, so this will be my last for a while, so I'll make it a worthwhile one.  Everyone is so down on the Angels right now.  We're playing terrible and went and played a good hot team in their house and were swept.  These things happened.  We still shouldn't lose sight of what a great team we have to root for.  So, for all the faithful or those on the fence, here is why the Angels will hang another flag this year.

Josh Hamilton: His HR total is cut by a third after the all-star break, his RBI, SB, BA and OBP go down and his K's go up.  Currently batting 40 points over his career average.

Michael Young: His HR totals remain steady, but we see a slight drop in his BA, OBP, SLG, OPS and SB.  Having a very solid year so far.

Elvis Andrus: Having a career year so far.  Is a career .232 hitter in July and .262 in September.  Limited data, but does anyone expect him to keep it up all year?

Ian Kinsler: BA after ABS goes down 20 points, OBP 30 points, SLG 60 points, OPS 90 points.  Currently batting 30 points higher than his career average.  

Nelson Cruz: Doesn't his sudden climb to fame as he approaches 30 years old scream out STEROIDS!  No matter, his two biggest tools in his arsenal, power and speed, drop significantly after the ASB.

Scott Feldman: Performance so far doesn't suggest he will lead the Texas rotation anywhere.

CJ Wilson: Funny, his ERA jumps a full half run after the ASB.  Current ERA is .76 lower than his career average.

Tommy Hunter: His ERA goes from 2.34 Pre ASB to 5.85 Post ASB.  Good luck with that.

Now for the Angels.

Erick Aybar: BA goes up 23 point, OBP goes up 20 points.  Currently not at last year's pace which is extremely reachable.

Howie Kendrick: BA goes up 45 points, OBP goes up about 40 points after the ASB.  Currently batting .281.  Anyone else think he might finish the year well over .300?

Bobby Abreu: Career BA after the ASB of .305 with a .405 OBP, currently batting .250.  Anyone else think he'll get better?

Torii Hunter: Equal across the board.  He shows no sign of drop off after ASB, in fact improves slightly.  Looks like hitting will continue.

Juan Rivera: Pre ASB .262 BA, post ASB .298.  Has hit 1 more HR post ASB than pre, in 30 LESS GAMES.  He turns it on every year after the ASB, why would this year be any different?

Hideki Matsui: Easily having the worst full season of his career.  Known as a clutch hitter, I'd say clutch is exactly what post ASB is all about.

Jered Weaver: Current ERA 2.97, career ERA 3.62.  Even if he goes back to his career norm, he'd still easily be better than anyone on the Texas staff.

Ervin Santana: ERA drops 40 points after the break, as does BAA and WHIP.  Ervin only gets stronger as the year goes on.  Current ERA is at 3.76, if history is accurate, he could end up with an ERA south of .350 to end the year.

I could go on but honestly I'm tired.  Suffice it to say, the Rangers are playing so far above their heads it's not even funny.  In fact it's identical to last year.  The Angels are currently having career worst years from from 3 of their biggest sluggers, have lost their biggest offensive weapon, have gone without any offense from 3B, or Maicer Izturis, and haven't seen the best from their pitching staff or bullpen yet, and still the Angels are only 5 games back.

Texas is about to fall, and the thud when they crash into the Earth will be painful for their fans, predictable from Angels fans and clear as the Angels continue to get stronger.  With all that has plagued the Angels so far, it's a wonder they are still above .500.

Does anyone here not believe the Angels can outplay the Rangers by 5 games across July, August and September, when we clearly have the easier schedule to finish the season?  Trust in Mike Scioscia, he knows what he's doing.  And trust that Abreu, Matsui, Rivera and Hunter will all hit in the 2nd half, and that Kendrick and Aybar will continue to get better, and obviously, Wood won't get any worse at 3B and Maicer will come back.

We're gonna win guys.  Let that cheer you up in the low valleys of the season.

This Fan-Post is authored by an independent fan. Tell us what you think and how you feel.

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