Halos Underrated Minor Leaguers

Ok so I've been trying to think of something interesting to write about and saw the angels top 10 prospects but imma give my top 10 list of the underrated players in the Angels system enjoy!

1. Daniel Tillman 6'1 185 CP- Orem Owlz

Tillman was a 2nd round pick by the Angels in this years draft . Tillman has a FB in the mid 90's and is a reliver-closer type whos absoulutely dominating at Orem with a 1.74 ERA, 7 Saves and 32 K’s in 23 innings and has a .195 BAA (Batting Average Against). Heres MLBs scouting report video on him: Tillman Scouting Report

2.  Eddie McKiernan 5'11 160 CP-RC Quakes

McKiernan was drafted in the 17th of the 07 Draft. He is the Quakes closer. He has a 3.33 ERA, 22 Saves and a .223 BAA with 17 BBs and 50 K's. Can see a pretty good back end of the bullpen with Fire-Baller Tillman and McKiernan and Chris Scholl whos next. Heres my video of McKiernan: Eddie Mckiernan July 27

3. Chris Scholl 5'11 195 RP-RC Quakes

 Scholl was drafted in the 8th round in the 08 Draft. Scholl has a fastball that can reach the mid 90's and is McKiernan's setup guy. I was really impressed when I saw him pitch. His ERA is 2.95 in 58 innings with 68 K's and a .244 BAA. Pretty sick potential bullpen. Heres my video of him: Chris Scholl July 27

4. Gabe Jacobo 6'2 190 1B-RC Quakes

Jacobo was selected in the 10th round in the 08 Draft. Gabe Jacobo in my opinion has the 2nd best power right now in the organization behind Mark Trumbo. His stats are .306 BA AVG 19 HR's and 89 RBI's as the Quakes biggest power threat. Heres a video: Gabe Jacobo AB

5. Luis Jimenez 6'1 205 3B-RC Quakes

Luis Jimenez was signed in 2005 as a teenager from the DR. Luis in my opinion is the 2nd best hitter on the Quakes behind Top Prospect Mike Trout. Luis missed all of last year with an injury but is back this year and between Rancho and Cedar Rapids he is batting .282 with 11 homeruns 68 RBI's. He also participated in the All Star Futures game and went 1-2. Heres a video of him: Luis Jimenez Triple

6. Max Russell 6'2 190 SP-CR Kernals

Max Russell was drafted this year in the 4th round. He was teammates with Daniel Tillman at Florida Southern College. He could be a decent lefty and has already jumped up to A-Ball in his first season. He has a 3.66 ERA in 46 innings. The most impressive thing about him is his 4 walks. Sorry no video for Russell.

7. Donn Roach 6'2 190 SP-Orem Owlz

Roach's stats: 4.88 ERA in 11 games and has 33 K's and 6 BB's through 31 innings Note: Roach was Bryce Harpers teammate at college and was origanally drafted by the Angels before choosing college and then back to the Angels. Kinda reminds me of a Gavin Floyd type: Donn Roach Scouting Report

8. Dillon Baird 6'3 190 3B-RC Quakes

Drafted in the 11th round in the 08 Draft. He really impressed me with his power when i saw him play. Batting .249, 11 HR's and 44 RBI's. He has a swing like Ike Davis in my opinion: Dillon Baird 2 HR Game

9. Wendell Soto 5'8 150 SS-AZL Angels Rookie Ball

Drafted in the 3rd round of the 10 Draft Soto is not a big guy at 5'8 150 but he is a great defender and a switch hitter with speed. Reminds me of Alberto Callaspo a lot of ways. Batting .247, 12 RBI's and 11 SB's: Wendell Soto Scouting Report

10. Casey Haerther 6'2 210 1B-CR Kernals

Last but not least on my list is Casey Haerther. His stats: .307 AVG, 7 HRS and 63 RBI's. What stands out to me with him is his 60 K's in 361 AB. He was drafted out of UCLA in the 5th round in the 09 Draft: Haerther 2R HR UCLA

Ok so this is my first real post and want feedback on it. I worked on it for a long time and wanna know if its good? Thank you for the tips on better ways to post, mainly from Halowood.

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