Scott Kazmir Trade: One Year Later

There have been far too many threads made trying to persuade readers to favor or oppose the trade.  Needless to say, at this point, those who oppose the trade greatly outnumber those who favor it.  So this thread won't actually be about whether or not we should have made the trade.  I just thought we should all know what exactly we gave up, after all, a year can change the entire landscape of a system, and most specifically a prospect.  A year ago Mike Trout wasn't the top prospect in baseball, most folks doubted Bourjos was anything more than Willits 2.0, Jeremy Moore was pretty much a lost cause and Trevor Reckling was poised to roll through AAA just as he did AA and throw some important innings for the 2010 Angels.  With all of that said, here are the boys we gave up.


Sean Rodriguez - In prospect circles, his name went hand in hand with Brandon Wood.  Shortstops that switch positions and absolutely crush AAA pitching.  We chose to deal Rodriguez instead of Wood as the key component of the deal.  Here are their comparisons a year later.

Rodriguez - 278 AB 17 DB 7 HR 8 SB 9 BB 68 K's .259/.301

Wood - 178 AB 1 DB 3 HR 1 SB 4 BB 54 K's .163/.180

Across their minor league careers, both sported the same power and BA, hwoever Rodriguez was significantly faster and had a better career OBP (.380).  This difference has become magnified at the major league level, as Rodriguez has become a premier utility player, logging a majority of his innings at 2B, but also playing all 3 OF spots, 1B, 3B and SS.  Rodriguez may have won himself a starting spot next year and is seen as a 2B with power and speed, all the makings of a star.  Brandon Wood, is not.

Alex Torres - If he were to have stayed with the Angels, there's a good chance he would be our top pitching prospect this year, or may have even thrown a few innings for the major league team this year.  In the Rays system though, Torres is yet another dominant pitcher in a line a mile long to the bigs.  The 22 year old little lefty in AA this year has posted:

9W-6L 3.61 ERA 124 IP 127 K's 63 BB 2.02 K/BB.

The Angels really could have used this kid and would almost certainly have a future in the rotation.

Matthew Sweeney - Really wouldn't have much of a place in the Angels organization with the numbers he has posted this year and his history of injuries.  Still he's a projectable 3B, something the Angels are short on at the moment.  The 22 year old Sweeney has battled injuries and has hit only .225 this year for the Rays across two levels.  He has flashed adequate power but needs a lot of work in the field.  

I won't say whether or not I favor or oppose the trade, as I've flip flopped a couple times in the past year.  But, I will say this, Rodriguez may have helped the Angels out a lot this year if given the opportunity, having him may have prevented us from going back to Wood so much or trading for Callaspo.  He also could have helped out in the OF where our defense was awful until Bourjos arrived.  And Torres, lefties with his kind of numbers at his age don't grow on trees.

This Fan-Post is authored by an independent fan. Tell us what you think and how you feel.

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