Who is Peter Bourjos?

Since he was recently called up, the kid has generated a significant amount of buzz among the fan sites.  So far, it's been difficult to find a good comparison to Peter Bourjos.  Comps have ranged from Tony Gwynn Jr. to Carl Crawford.  So I thought I'd compare him to some players and see if we all (myself included) could become more educated on what exactly we have on our hands.  So what do we all know?  He's fast, really really fast, and plays great defense.  However, his bat is always called into question.  So I'm going to compare Bourjos to other lightning fast players with defensive expertise.

Peter Bourjos - Age 23.  .293 lifetime minor league average.  .346 OBP .861 OPS.

Carl Crawford - First and foremost this is an unfair comp, Crawford was in the majors at age 21 and is a LF, not a CF.  However their numbers are similar.  .295 BA .336 OBP .736 OPS.  Perhaps in his minor league career, Bourjos has flashed a bit more pop than Crawford, but power is always the last to develop and Crawford has shown considerable pop in the majors.

Tony Gwynn Jr. - Like Bourjos, he first reached AAA at age 23.  They both play solid defense, however Gwynn has struggled to keep an everyday starting gig in the majors and has become a 4th OF.  In the minors, he flashed slightly less power and speed than Bourjos (career high HR's 4, 35 SB).  .275 BA .349 OBP .694 OPS.  Gwynn makes a good comparison on essentially what Peter Bourjos would be at the very minimum.  A speedy, defensive 4th OF.

Devon White - Just peeking at the minor league numbers, though they reached AAA at the same age, this one is an apples and oranges comp.  Bourjos has shown a greater propensity to get on base and a high batting average, plus more SB than Devon.  However, White has a long successful major league career, played great defense and displayed significantly more pop than Bourjos has yet.  

Jacoby Ellsbury -  This is probably the most accurate comparison I've seen in my amateur opinion.  They flash identical skill sets, same speed, same height, weight and body type, similar range in the field, though I give Bourjos the edge with a better arm.  Right around the same amount of SB, and they reached AAA at the same age.  The only real difference is Ellsbury showed more patience at the plate which led to a better BA (.315) and better OBP (.392).  So why did Ellsbury receive so much more love from Baseball America and other scouting sources then Bourjos has?  I honestly don't know, could it have something to do with the team Ellsbury plays for?

Reggie Willits - Probably the most inaccurate comp I've seen so far.  Just because he's in the same system, does not make him a relatable player.  Willits reached AAA at age 25, two years later than Peter.  Willits is also significantly more muscular, Bourjos is more lean.  Though they had similar BA in the minor leagues, Willits got on base at a better clip, however, he never saw the SB success rate Bourjos has because he simply not as fast.  Bourjos also has a better glove, more range and a better arm in the field.  Reggie Willits is a VERY useful 4th OF, but Bourjos' ceiling and skill set lies beyond those of Reggie Willits.


RGHAN's prospect report brought up names like Erstad and Guttierez regarding Bourjos' defense and Ellsbury/ Orlando Cabrera as an offensive comparison.  So if you trust RGHAN's assessment, (and I believe he's earned such distinction) we should have a useful player on our hands.  

In conclusion, I'm gonna say, for a ceiling, Carl Crawford.  For a floor, Tony Gwynn Jr.  Accurate middle ground, I'll go somewhere between Jacoby Ellsbury and Shane Victorino.  If I had to pick one name, perhaps Michael Bourn.  I hope we all have a better idea as to the skill set of our newest prospect toy Peter Bourjos.   

This Fan-Post is authored by an independent fan. Tell us what you think and how you feel.

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