Which Potential Trades Really Make Sense?

This season has been dissapointing. No Surprise. Although Ive one of the confident ones who still believe we can pull it off, id still like to see some transactions made.

Lets say everything goes smoothly and we succesfully place players on Waivers.

Expect to see Rodney, Shields, Fuentes, Rivera, Matsui, Abreu, Mathis, Napoli, Wood on the list. Obviously many if not all of these players will remain in Halo Red after August and September. Which of these would make the most sense to Trade?


Rodney: Signed through 2011, this man  has struggled through 2010. He has a tedency to make everyone nervous when he pitches, I call him Cardiac Arrest Rodney. BUT, he has been above decent in his closer opporotunities when Fuentes was out. He isnt an 8th inning guy and its as simple as that. I say keep him and use him as an effective closer next year.  He will blow some saves but not nearly as many holds as he has blown this year

Shields: Although Healthy, his numbers show he is struggling. He is no longer effective in holding games. But this is Shields guys! The last remaining 2002 halo on the team. He was the premier setup man from03-08 and he deserves to retire with the angels. At least keep him untill the OS and let him sign elsewhere or retire. Hopefully the latter. hes the last of a dying breed, a career long Halo.

Fuentes: To me this is our only feesable option. If we trade him we save a couple million, snag a prospect or two in return. Although he has been reliable of late, Rodney would be just as effective in a closer role. If we somehow pull out a miracle from our pockets and take the west, we could regret this but come on, this is a tad unlikely. If we get at least a decent prospect in return we should trade.

Rivera: This guy has led shoes and concrete feet. he has failed to field effectively. His saving grace is his arm. He has a cannon in left and if Bourjos can play to the left a bit we shouldnt hurt to bad. Rivera is starting his annual Post Break Hitting Streak and removing his bat could bury the angels for the rest of the year. We should keep him and designate him for the DH role an rotate him in left. Keep Him

Abreu: His fading bat and aging knees are obviously affecting the rest of the team. He has barely an gas in his tank left. We need a dependable 4th outfielder though now with Bourjos and Hunter in right. If Bourjos cant preform we can put Abreu back in the outfield. We can also platoon him with Rivera. He should stay

Matsui: Agggghhhhh. Hes only good at producing outs. He has failed at the only thing we needed him to do, hit. That alone should be enough to convince you. Rivera and Abreu are better DH options. Sell him

Mathis and Wood: The only way we would get any value for these guys are if they are kept together in a package. Its highly unlikey that any team wants or needs these sub par players. If we can rid of them. Do it.

Napoli: If Mathis is traded(unlikely) we must keep him. We need a full time catcher if Mathis leaves and wilson wont cut it. HK can play first if Napoi departs and one of our million 3rd basemans can play 2nd. I find it unlikely that Napoli will be traded but if he is it better  be for something amazing.

The only real options we have to trade are Matsui and Fuentes. We could fetch some decent kids for these guys. Although not huge salary relief, we could use it if we are planning on landing a big FA name. The Japanese Media could prevent Matsui from leaving but a couple months of no Japanese Media shouldnt hurt to much. If we could get the extra  6 mil back by trading these players, it should counter balance the  departure of the japanese media and it will help the team.

This Fan-Post is authored by an independent fan. Tell us what you think and how you feel.

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