The Angels Amazing Bullpen 2011 and Beyond

This is what you do when you're completely out of the race, you talk about the future.  There's 20 other clubs right now that have no shot at the playoffs and what are they all chatting about on their message boards?  This offseason, possible trades and the future.  That's assuming they have fans, the Marlins don't but the Orioles might.  So just go with it.

We all already know the guys that are gonna be filling out next years bullpen.  Fraudney, Jepsuck, KFrod, Kohn, Walden, Thompson, Bulger, Palmer, Bell.  Not all of these guys are gonna be with the team obviously.  One might be in the rotation, another two might be in AAA.  But that core of Kohn, Walden Thompson, Bulger and Jepsen should provide the Angels with a steadier, less expensive bullpen than in the past couple of years.  This leaves the team open for signing needed FA's.  

Beyond those core 5 though, who do we have?  A lot actually, here's a rundown. 

1. Jeremy Berg.  Will be a 24 year old RHRP slotted for AAA next season.  Jesus Christ in Heaven Hallelujah it's another Michael Kohn someone get Halowood a barfbag, he's so happy he might vomit.  Here is Halowood's idea of internet pornography.

2009 - Orem 1.35 ERA 26 IP 24 K's 2 BB.
2010 - Cedar Rapids/Rancho/Arkansas 1.37 ERA 65 IP 73 K's 11 BB

Berg's comin' like a freight train, and is mowing down anyone that gets in his way.  And the best part?  He hardly walks anyone.  Oh and here's the funniest part.  According to baseball-ref, he wasn't even drafted.  Just signed. 

2. Steven Geltz.  Will be a 23 year old RHRP slotted for AAA next season.  This kid is a K machine.  Someone tell him to slow down, Reagins has to deal a couple guys just in order to find him a spot.  Here's a link to his page.

2010 - Rancho/Arkansas 3.08 ERA 52 IP 87 K's 26 BB

I thought AA was supposed to be harder than A+.  Someone forgot to tell Geltz that.  He decided his ERA needed to drop a full run and his K/9 needed to go from an already ridiculous 13 up to 17.  Yet another kid that wasn't even drafted!

3. Chris Scholl. Will be a 23 year old RHRP slotted for AA next season.  Scholl is more patient than Berg or Geltz, he's taking it one level at a time, giving God and everyone plenty of time to watch him work.  Here is Scholl's page.

2009 - Cedar Rapids 3.42 ERA 84 IP 90 K's 37 BB
2010- Rancho 3.41 ERA 68 IP 82 K's 20 BB

Scholl improved going from a pitchers environment to a hitters environment and jumped up a level.  Good to see him cut down on the free passes as well.  Lucky for us, RGHAN decided to drive down to Rancho and record Scholl pitch.

4. Ismael Carmona.  Will be a 26 year old slotted for AAA.  Carmona decided that after 2009, he didn't wanna suck anymore.  This came as a relief to the Angels, as they too grew tired of his sucking.  Here is Carmona's proof that he doesn't suck anymore.

2010 - Arkansas/Salt Lake 2.66 ERA 61 IP 59 K's 40 BB

Not bad.  Still walked too many guys, but if he keeps it up, maybe the Angels will find a spot for him and let a premium catcher catch for him.  Boy howdy that sure would be swell.

5. Daniel Tillman.  Will be a 22 year old RHRP headed for Cedar Rapids next season.  This one we actually drafted, and we did so in the 2nd round, so clearly the Angels wanted him and wanted him bad.  20-something relief pitchers don't usually go that high unless there's something there.  Here is written proof of Tillman raping and pillaging the Pioneer League.  

2010 - Orem 1.95 ERA 32 IP 50 K's 10 BB

I imagine Tillman will probably make quick work of Cedar Rapids and will be in Arkansas by the end of next year. 

Finally I'd like to give a shout out to Daniel Hurtado.  Who?  Exactly.  Last season as a 16 year old boy he tossed a 4.50 ERA in the Dominican Summer League while other 16 year old boys in the U.S. were playing JV baseball.  This season, as a 17 year old man, Hurtado had a 2.23 ERA in the Dominican Summer League.  Next year would probably be his senior year of high school, but so what, why not give the kid a shot at Cedar Rapids. 

Future is looking good folks.

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