Angels All Minor League Team 2010


I did an All-Star team post half way through the year HERE.  There may be a couple slight changes.  Nobody on this list can have logged any time with the Angels this season, this eliminates Peter Bourjos, Jordan Walden, Michael Kohn, Paul McAnulty and Cory Aldridge.  Also players that are no longer in the organization are out, meaning no Skaggs, Will Smith or Pat Corbin.

C - Hank Conger AAA SLC.  .295 BA .382 OBP 24 DB 10 HR 54 BB 58 K's.  Hank Conger heated up in the 2nd half, hit for a higher BA, OBP and more HR's than he did in the first half.  He sort of needed to, to beat out Roberto Lopez for this spot.  By far the most disciplined hitter in this organization.

1B - Mark Trumbo AAA SLC.  .302 BA .369 OBP 29 DB 35 HR 118 RBI 56 BB 119 K's.  Trumbo might get the most improved player award.  Everything about him got better and now he's one of the more exciting prospects in the system.

2B - Jean Segura A Ball C.R.  .307 BA .356 OBP 21 DB 12 TR 9 HR 46 SB 41 BB 69 K's.  Segura edges out my personal man-crush Alexi Amarista.  Segura's plate discipline is solid, good speed, rumor has it he will be shifting to SS next season.  

SS - Jon Karcich A Ball C.R. .275 BA .372 OBP 20 DB 6 HR.  We really don't have any depth here, but Karcich has the best numbers this year, edging out Romine.  22 years old in A ball, decent discipline.

3B - Luis Jimenez A+ Ball R.C .287 BA .327 OBP 43 DB 13 HR.  Would like to see more HR, but his gap power has been on display.  Like the scouting reports read, he can hit, but still has no plate discipline.  Great talent, bonus for making the Future's Game.

OF - Mike Trout A+ Ball R.C  .338 BA .426 OBP 28 DB 9 TR 9 HR 53 SB 69 BB 84 K's.  Great talent, isn't over-matched against competition generally 2 or 3 years older.  Has been CS a lot in Rancho.  Still the most talented player in our system in recent memory.

OF - Jeremy Moore AA Tex.  .310 BA .365 OBP 14 DB 10 TR 13 HR 24 SB 38 BB 115 K's.  Like Jimenez, no plate discipline whatsoever.  But, he is immensely talented, and is solid at all 5 scouting tools.  Turk's Teeth and I had some fun debates regarding Moore's future.  Suffice it to say, we think he'll fall somewhere between a 4th OF and a more talented Juan Rivera.

OF - Tyson Auer AAA SLC .317 BA .372 OBP 16 DB 12 TR 5 HR 53 SB 40 BB 82 K's.  The long forgotten OF in our system.  Like Chris Pettit, he continually outperforms expectations.  He may not have the highest upside, but he certainly someone that should be in the Angels future plans.  

DH Gabe Jacobo A+ R.C. .301 BA .337 OBP 26 DB 21 HR 101 RBI.  Jacobo bounced back in a bag way from a sub-par year in Cedar Rapids which followed a monster year in rookie ball with Lopez and Jimenez.  Perhpas he has a future as a Rob Quinlan type.

BENCH: Matt Long (OF) C.R., Casey Haerther (3B) R.C., Roberto Lopez (C) AA, Andrew Romine (SS) AA, Alexi Amarista (2B) SLC, Randal Grichuk OF C.R.

Starting Pitcher: Tyler Chatwood - What can I say?  This time last year he was in Cedar Rapids and now he's in AAA.  He has developed some control and was a great local pick by the Angels.  Definitely the top SP in our minor league system this year.

ROTATION: Tyler Chatwood AAA SLC, Garret Richards A+ R.C., Fabio Martinez A C.R., Ariel Peña A+ R.C., Orangel Arenas A+ R.C.

BULLPEN: Jeremy Berg AA Ark, Chris Scholl A+ R.C., Mike Piazza A+ R.C. Eddie McKiernen A+ R.C., Ysmael Carmona AAA SLC

Honorable Mention: The entire DSL Angels pitching staff.  You provide hope for a VERY bright future.

Halowood's Mancrush Section: Alexi Amarista, Chris Pettit, Trevor Reckling, Mike Trout, and Randal Grichuk 

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