Tony Reagins: Here's My "Best Shot"

Okay Tony, I'm just a regular guy, an Angels fan with an opinion and a desire to see the team return to post-season play.  I won't pretend to have all the answers for the 2011 Angels roster, but I'm going to "take my best shot" as suggested by Kevin Baxter in his September 11, 2010 L.A. Times article about you, the Angels General Manager.  By your own admission, "Putting the talent on the field is something that I'm accountable for. This year we've underperformed."  And, as reported by Baxter, unlike previous seasons, this year "everything Reagins has touched has turned to aluminum."  This is my attempt to help you get your Midas touch back.


Solidify the rotation with one more top-tier starter:  Weaver, Haren, Santana, and Pinero are all solid performers.  Kazmir and Bell will suffice, but that was one of the stumbling blocks this year. 

In the bullpen, Walden has proved his mettle should get the closer call for 2011; Rodney has been too inconsistent. Thompson would be a great set-up reliever as would Kohn, and Palmer is the long reliever of choice.  The others currently on the roster (Rodney, Bell, Bulger, Cassevah, and Jepsen) will have to prove themselves in spring training (if not traded) and self-determine their fates through their performance or lack thereof.  And finally, it's time to thank Scott Shields for his service and say good-bye.


Mike Napoli's defense is on a par with all the other catchers, so he gets the starting role due to his offensive prowess.  The back-up catcher fight goes to the spring-training victor between Conger and Wilson. To Jeff Mathis, and his sub-Mendoza line hitting ability, we bid adieu.


There is only one easy call here: trade (or release) Erick Aybar; seek out a true lead-off batter with an OBP of .400+.  Mark Trumbo may be the odd man out on the infield when Kendry Morales returns and if Napoli is used as a back-up first baseman.  But there is certainly room for another pair of fresh legs in the outfield, and Trumbo's time playing the outfield in the Venezuelan winter league may prove timely.


Peter Bourjos has earned his keep and should remain in center field.  With Torii Hunter in right, the only position in play is left field.  As mentioned above, if Trumbo performs in winter league and in spring training, the spot is his to lose.  Otherwise, platoon between Matsui and Willits.  Bobby Abreu has shown time and again this season that he no longer has the speed and agility to play the outfield and should not be in consideration. His only useful purpose would be as the designated hitter for right-handed pitching.  Juan Rivera should join Mathis and Shields in retirement or on other teams.

Obviously, I have avoided any discussion of salaries, free-agency, and other variables that will affect the decisions ultimately made by you.  But the above suggestions are my list for a return an Angels gold standard.

This Fan-Post is authored by an independent fan. Tell us what you think and how you feel.

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