Scot Shields Injury Lowlights Loss to Cleveland

Final Score in Anaheim: Indians 6, Angels 1

The last remaining Angel from the 2002 World Champions walked off the field with a 3-2 count, a sore throwing arm and the last remnants of an era on his shoulders. Scot Shields looked in pain in the 6th inning of Tuesday's blowout loss to the Cleveland Indians and could not convince Mike Scioscia otherwise.

If it was the final appearance of a 2002 Angel in an Angels uniform, it came in front of the hometown crowd and ended under protest. Ever the gamer, Shields pleaded to stay in.

During the game, the Angels announced they were releasing longtime utility infielder Robb Quinlan, who with Shields was the final Angel on the roster from the 2003 Angels squad, an injured group of underachievers about as miserable as this one.

Besides the Shields injury, which is more sentimental than anything else as he has been utterly timid and unproductive on the mound for three years and counting, here are some other lowlights:

  • Torii Hunter making the 2nd out of the 6th inning at 3B with the only real scoring threat of the night brewing. The Indians catcher had already gunned down Bobby Abreu at 2nd, and handily, so the cannon was advertised and Bucaneer Torii still sought land-ho. It was the 12th time Torii has been caught stealing this season and some of those were costly outs at 3B.
  • Juan Rivera blind spots a throw from Trevor Bell and the pitcher gets charged with an error while Juan has to winder how many fingers fans are holding up. Perhaps no plural is necessary. One finger, one fan left caring.
  • Alberto Callaspo grounded into 2 double plays early in the game when it was close.
  • Francisco Rodriguez is hand picked to reliever Trevor Bell and adds two baserunners before giving up a grand slam. He recorded no outs in his appearance.

Ugly game, ugly season, end of an era, perhaps tomorrow's late afternoon start features an Angel debut or two.


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