If Other Teams' Broadcasters Did Angels' Radio Broadcasts...

This is an extremely random topic to discuss, I know, but just imagine...we have Victor and Gubi on the air to entertain us, but let's face it: Terry Smith and Jose Mota are not the most attention-capturing of radio announcers. Rory's passing last January left a hole in the radio commentary, and Smith/Mota don't really live up to the precedent set.

So, as we Angels fans tend to do better than ANYONE else, let's fantasize about another aspect of our team being better...our radio team.

If we had...

John Sterling
If it weren't for his home run calls, he'd be just another broadcaster. But his personalized homer calls amuse pun-happy fans like me all the time. So, with no further delay...

Kendry Morales: "And the Cuban Missile just launched that one!"
Torii Hunter: "Hunter makes his mark!"
Vernon Wells: "Mount Vernon peaked it!"
Peter Bourjos: "Oh Bourjos, THAT was gorgeous!"
Erick Aybar: "Admiral Aybar sends that to Tatooine!"
Howie Kendrick: "There's a Howie Wowie!"
Alberto Callaspo: "Un jonrone por Alberto! Gracias!"
Bobby Abreu: "El Comedulce! Bobby Abreu is as sweet as candy!" (was his call with NYY)
Hank Conger: "There's a monster shot from King Conger!"
Maicer Izturis: "When the cat's away, Maicer plays!"
Bobby Wilson: "Bobby is able and Wilson!"
Brandon Wood: "Wood you believe it?!"

Duane Kuiper
If you haven't heard him call a Giants game--or his commentary on MVP Baseball 2005--this guy is one of the most energetic announcers when he's happy, and one of the most hilariously sardonic when he's not. Imagine him fading from one mood to another on Kendry's infamous grand slam:

"The bases are loaded...the pitch from League, is BELTED DEEP TO RIGHT-CENTER FIELD! This is way back, AND IT'S GONE! A grand slam for Kendry Morales, and the Angels walk off to win 5-1! Kendry rounds third, the team is waiting at home, and it's official! The Angels ha--oh wait a minute, Kendry isn't getting up...we can see here, he apparently grimaced after jumping on home plate, the trainer is riding out...oh God, this is not good...I wouldn't call this just another Halo victory--or maybe I would..."

Those are just two of money suggestions; I will not even try to imagine if the legendary Vin Scully were an Angels broadcaster, nor will I try to picture any deceased announcers. Any suggestions from the rest of you, HH?

This Fan-Post is authored by an independent fan. Tell us what you think and how you feel.

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