All this reminiscing about the Angels in the 90's (and fans cheering loudly: here) reminded me of what I hated more than anything else about that cursed decade of baseball- the fans of other teams openly cheering for the visiting team and cheering against and even booing Angels players.  It drives me crazy to feel like a visitor in my Home stadium.

What makes it even worse is when we, as loyal followers of the home team, cannot muster enough support from the surrounding spectators to convince these people to shut their mouths.  It used to seem the apathy from the field had permeated into the stands and convinced the fans there was nothing worth getting excited over.  Even last season there was a group of twins fans that were so loud they silenced the entire section I was in. 

Well Angel fans, ENOUGH!

Let us unite this coming season under the banner of Tourists.  Although this is not the '90s anymore, there are still too many visiting jerseys and hats for me.  Anytime I see a visiting team's hat or jersey I plan on asking the people if they had a nice time at disneyland and if they have been to the beach yet and then offering my help with directions.  "Just a quick drive up the 5, exit Ball Road, Disneyland will be right there, you cant miss it.  And just head straight down the 57 to the 55 and take it right on into newport." 

What can they respond?  "oh, I'm from here"  Yeah, really jackass?  Then you're wearing the wrong hat and cheering for the wrong players.  This is ANGEL stadium, get it right or get out.  I know, you are thinking "well, there are some people who moved here or are fans of other teams for specific reasons."  Well that is simply not my problem.  If you want to come into Angel Stadium with the wrong teams gear on, I can only conclude two possibilities:
1.)  You are a tourist.  Anaheim attracts a lot of visitors, it's reasonable to assume some of these make their way to angel stadium.  Let's be helpful and ask them, "oh I see you are wearing another teams gear, where are you visiting from?"  We can be known as the friendly stadium.  Or Option 2...
2.)  You are knowingly wearing the wrong hat or jersey and are openly entering hostile territory.  These people should be prepared for any verbal assault we can throw their way.  Mocking them as tourists insults their ties to the area and ridicules their allegiance to a foreign team.  It is the perfect blend of sincerity and insult.

So Fellow Angel Lovers, Let us cease our hostility towards each other and unite under the banner of Tourists.  Let us free ourselves of these ESPN loving idiots and silence their cheers for visiting teams.
(I dont remember where I got this idea from, it isn't specifically mine.  If I stole it from you, sorry.  If not, spread the word.)

This Fan-Post is authored by an independent fan. Tell us what you think and how you feel.

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