Favorite Angel of All Time!?

Friend: Who is going to be your new Gm?

Me: I dont know man Cashman? Theo? Friedman? Brad Pitt? Jonah Hill?

Friend: Oh i see, what about in the offseason? looks like you guys need a number 4 starting pitcher?

Me: Yea we do, could be CJ...maybe CC....Buerhle for cheap? 

Friend: Cool what about your lineup? that needs major help!

Me: What are you talking about? we got Jeffrey Mathis?! JK!!! (please dont offer him a contract new gm!) i dont know Fielder? Pujols? Cuddyer? i really dont know!

That's what i have encountered with some friend(s) and it is evident that's the conversation happens here on HH everyday as well. All this speculation of who we is going to be our new gm and who are we going to get in the off-season is something that we will not know until it happens.

Yea its fun to speculate but as we all know the more we speculate the more our heart will get broken as has happened for the last two years. I have been a member of HH for two years now and i haven't writen a Fan Post so i want to change things up for a day or two and ask who is your favorite Angel of all time! and why?Maybe this has been asked before i got here but i want to know and get more identified with all you and also give the new members a chance to answer this question. Since i am asking this question i think its only obvious that i should start this off!

My Favorite Angel of all time is Troy Glaus. Glaus was the first Angel that i got identified with i remember watching my first ever Angel Game i was like 8 or 9  in those Pewinkle Jerseys he hit a home run. That was his first year as a full starter i think. In 2000 where he hit 48 Home Runs i remebered telling myself yea i got my favorite player now! Then going to my first ever Angel Game in 01 vs the Dbacks big bang Friday! That year Glaus ended up with 41 HRs. Then in 02 i finally got to see my first Glaus dinger in person Vs the Pirates..and we all know what he did in that post season where he was clutch all through October Run! who can forget that clutch 2 run double he had off Rob Nen? and yea, the WORLD SERIES MVP! When he left after 04 i was like damn? hes really gone! the void he left hasnt been filled since IMO. Ofcourse, after he left you choose a favorite player on the team such like Vladdy, Torii, and now Bourjos or Weaver! But my Favorite will always be Troy!

Now its your turn, who is your favorite Angel and why?

This Fan-Post is authored by an independent fan. Tell us what you think and how you feel.

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