If I was the new GM for this 2012 offseason

Essentially, I’m utilizing our depth and turning it into quality WAR players. Here goes. 

Free Agency: Angels sign Prince Fielder to an 8yr/160M deal. Mark DeRosa to a 2yr/2M deal. Jorge Posada 1yr/1M deal. Francisco Rodriguez (K-Rod) to a 1yr/$7M deal.


Angels Get (17.5M):

Matt Cain 15M – 5.2 WAR

Pablo Sandoval 2.5M – 5.5 WAR

= 10.7 WAR

Giants Get (20.9M):

Mark Trumbo 414K – 2.3 WAR

Ervin Santana 11.2M – 3.2 WAR

Erick Aybar 5M – 4.0 WAR

Alberto Callaspo 3M – 3.6 WAR

Kaleb Cowart 414K

Garret Richards 414K

Tyler Chatwood 414K

= 13.1 WAR

Fills Needs for both clubs. Angels get another 1-2 type pitcher and a power hitting 3rd baseman. Giants get a legitimate power bat at 1st base. The very affordable Aybar is a much cheaper option than Reyes and Rollins and provides a quality long term solution at SS w/out breaking the bank. Plus, The Giants SS last season were a combined minus .3 WAR. Santana is a cheaper option than Cain this season and may actually fare better in the NL. Callaspo can be a natural NL player and their 3rd baseman till Cowart is ready. Richards and Chatwood would serve as competition for their 5th slot come spring. Aubrey Huff was Minus .6 WAR last season at 1st base so it’s an instant upgrade w/ Trumbo and on the cheap. 


Cubs get (Angels eat 10M of Wells 2014 salary):

Vernon Wells 21M 

Angels Get (18M in 2012 and 19.25M in 2013 once trade is completed. Plus, we eat 10M of Wells 2014 salary):

Carlos Zambrano 18M 

            Zambrano, like Lackey, will never be able to pitch in their respective cities again due to their childish and selfish antics. The probability of them doing better with a fresh start is inevitable. How much better is unknown but it’s obvious both need fresh starts. The Cubs have a need for a power hitting RF. Plus I believe they’ll be so happy to be rid of Zambrano that they’ll agree to the 2014 Wells salary agreement I’ve placed on there.

The Line-up and 25 man roster:

1.  Peter Bourjos CF 414K

2.  Howard Kendrick 2nd 5M

3.  Torii Hunter RF 18M

4.  Prince Fielder 1st 20M – 3.2 higher WAR than Trumbo.

5.  Kendrys Morales DH 3.5M

6.  Pablo Sandoval 3rd 2.5M – 1.9 higher WAR than Callaspo.

7.  Maicer Izturis SS 3.8M

8.  Hank Conger C 414K – 1.2 higher WAR than Mathis.

9.  Mike Trout LF 414K - .5 higher WAR than Wells.


Bench 1: Bobby Wilson C 414K

Bench 2: Mark Derosa UTIL / OF 1M

Bench 3: Bobby Abreu OF/DH 9M

Bench 4: Jean Segura or Alexi Amarista 2nd/SS 414K

Bench 5: Jorge Posada C/DH/1st 1M


SP1: Jered Weaver 17M

SP2: Matt Cain 15M

SP3: Dan Haren 12.75M

SP4: Carlos Zambrano 18M - .4 WAR lower than Piniero but higher than Wells.

SP5: Jerome Williams 500K

BP1: Rich Thompson 418K

BP2: Bobby Cassevah 414K

BP3: Hisanori Takahashi 4.2M

BP4: Scott Downs 5M

Set-up: Jordan Walden 414K

Closer: Francisco Rodriguez 7M


2011 Team Salary: $139M

2012 Team Salary: $143M

With the $56M we have coming off the books in 2013 (Kendrick, Hunter, Izturis, Abreu, Posada, Cain, Takahashi), we should be able to use that for resigning the likes of Kendrick and Cain and maybe add a Matt Kemp or Andre Ethier type guy if the Dodgers are dumb enough to let them hit the market. Tell will tell.

Feel free to dig in.

This Fan-Post is authored by an independent fan. Tell us what you think and how you feel.

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