Postseason Pregame Picks Roundup!

ST LOUIS, MO - OCTOBER 28: The St. Louis Cardinals celebrate after defeating the Texas Rangers 6-2 to win the World Series in Game Seven of the MLB World Series at Busch Stadium on October 28, 2011 in St Louis, Missouri. (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

The Baseball season has finally come to an end. In addition, the Pregame Picks have also come to a full end.

First, many thanks to everyone who came by every day and participated in this little game we add before every real baseball game to just enhance the experience a little further.

Some new Pregame Picks were thrown out there. Give some opinions on what you thought of them.
(Specifically the Pick-5, correct=+1 wrong=-1 game)

And of course any comments in general, here's your chance!

So... lets breakdown the pregame picks by each series:



Championship Series


scottnak 10 opiejeanne 14 scottnak 10
Rev Halofan 8 halos in de 13 ladybug 9
tanana40 8 blast21dave 12 stuck in Romania 9
blast21dave 7 drtrix 12 matthiasstephan 7
opiejeanne 7 LanaBanana 12 Oxygen48 7
angelsfan7 6 red floyd 11 angelsfan7 6
H.R. Machine 6 scottnak 11 Downing Rules 6
IE Angel 6 tanana40 11 blast21dave 5
k3yerout 6 Chone's Chonies 10 Chone's Chonies 5
red floyd 6 joeyz34 10 IE Angel 5
7 players tied at ...
5 ladybug 10 Rev Halofan 5

With these results... can you get a grasp as to who took the crown ?


Postseason Ranking

scottnak 31
blast21dave 24
opiejeanne 23
tanana40 23
ladybug 21
LanaBanana 20
angelsfan7 20
Downing Rules 20
red floyd 19
drtrix 19

Well... there you go. There are the final standings!!

If you're curious, this is how the rankings looked before the insanity that was Game 7:

Up to Game 7

Player Pts G7
scottnak 30 1
blast21dave 29 -5
opiejeanne 28 -5
ladybug 24 -3
red floyd 24 -5
tanana40 24 -1
angelsfan7 23 -3
Downing Rules 23 -3
LanaBanana 23 -3
halos in de 22 -5


Anywhoo. That's all until next season... unless we can think of anything else to do over the offseason.
Who knows!

For full results: here!

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