Lyle Spencer Doubles Down on Mathis (Updated 10/6)

Lyle Spencer's manlove for Jeff Mathis knows no limits.

Check out his recent Twitter feed:!/LyleMSpencer

Highlights include:

Quite honestly it is a complete embarrassment to MLB that they actually give this tool a paycheck. It's rather impressive that Spencer focuses on batting average instead of on base percentage, slugging percentage, woba or other statistics. The sheer brilliance of Spencer's analysis shall not be denied.

Take a leap with me and view the update after the jump:


Lyle has now, remarkably, TRIPLED down on Jeff Mathis:

My last word. Mathis hasn't hit. Neither has economy. Healthy attitude is to hope both rebound. What's so terible about that?

Teammates and ex-teammates respect Mathis deeply -- on and off the record. Find me one guy who doesn't. Good luck.

Research project: find one other man in history who "can't hit" and hits .450 and slugs .700 in 21 postseason PAs. Take your time.

Wow, so the best way to project future performance is whether one is hopeful, they're respected and have hit in a ridiculously small sample size. Lyle Spencer's "analysis" screams everything that has been wrong with this FO in the last few years: choosing stats that reinforce a preset mindset or belief, emphasizing character way, WAY above talent (I'm not arguing character doesn't matter yet talent is more important than character) and believing that a player, despite showing any talent at the MLB level, can have a Tebowesque work ethic and suddenly become an above-average regular.

Furthermore, choosing a sample size has seemingly been a problem with the old FO. Choosing which sample size one wanted to believe in (Wells' in 2010) while ignoring recent history or his inability to hit away from Rodgers Center was one of many reasons we ended up making the worst trade of the 21st century.

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