A Final Mathis Sendoff by Lyle Spencer

A few tweets from Lyle Spencer on the day that Jeff Mathis is shipped to Toronto for pitcher Brad Mills. A back-and-forth between Keith Law and Lyle Spencer:

keithlaw : Very, very slight preference for Mills, because we already know what Mathis is, but Mills still could improve enough to have value.

Lyle Spencer : Mathis is respected and valued only by every pitcher with whom he has worked. No analytics for that.

keithlaw : And is terrible at everything that matters.

Lyle Spencer : Winning doesn't matter. Won 12 more than Napoli in exact number starts for four years together. Nap caught Lacker, Weaver more

A few of Lyle Spencer's tweets today:

  • LyleMSpencer Catching same staff, Mathis had CERA .88 -- almost a full run -- better than Napoli for four years. Won 59% of games he started.
  • LyleMSpencer Numbers guys hate Jeff Mathis. Teammates love him. I think Mathis will settle for that tradeoff.#angels

  • LyleMSpencer CERA is of definite value when evaluating catchers handling the same pitchers over a number of years. I don't care what your crowd says.
  • LyleMSpencer @13Stoploss Only stat that matters is Angels won more often with Mathis catching than anyone else.
  • LyleMSpencer @truegrich Angels with Mathis catching: .576. Without Mathis catching: .564. Winning used to matter more than stats.
  • LyleMSpencer @13Stoploss @truegrich Comparative numbers on a team are fair, yes. Actually I was off. It's .576 with Mathis, .554 with everyone else.
  • LyleMSpencer Just want to set this straight: Since Jeff Mathis arrived, #Angels are .576 when he starts at catcher, .554 with everyone else. Nice WAR.
  • LyleMSpencer Last word -- promise. Wouldn't it be hilarious if Jays shipped Mathis to Texas to back up best bud Nap?#angels #rangers
  • LyleMSpencer : @AnthonySmith_Winning trumps stats every time. And Mathis won more frequently than any catcher Angels have had.
  • LyleMSpencer : @TonyCapitelli How do WAR/RAR explain Mathis' .576 winning percentage vs. Replacements' .554? Basic math to me.
  • LyleMSpencer : @BrewCrewBall Catchers and pitchers run the show. Everyone else contributes.

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