Last Thoughts on Jeff Mathis

First rounder...
Before we turn our attention to the Winter Meetings, let's look at the genesis of Jeff Mathis, the 2001 draft. Jeff was the 33rd player taken in the draft, he was taken as compensation for the Rangers signing Mark Petkovsek on December 10, 2000.

So if you haven't pulled out enough hair over the foibles of Mathis at the Plate, here are the players drafted in 2001 AFTER Mathis who played in the major leagues in 2011:

33rd Pick: Jeff Mathis ...........-2.5 WAR (that is negative two and a half WAR, or 2.5 Wins Below Replacement)

38th Pick: David Wright .........32.6 WAR

48th Pick: Kelly Shoppach ......6.3 WAR ...a catcher!

52nd Pick: J.P. Howell .............2.7 WAR

56th Pick: J.J. Hardy ..............14.0 WAR

57th Pick: Dallas McPherson ..0.1 WAR ...Drafted by the Angels in the 2nd round... weird, huh? If the Angels had just drafted D-Mac in the first round and not taken Maths at all, they would have been better with any player or players occupying that roster spot simply performing at replacement level!!!

59th Pick: Brandon League ...2.9 WAR

63rd Pick: Shelley Duncan ....1.6 WAR

67th Pick: Mike Wilson .........-0.3 WAR

72nd Pick: Dan Haren .........30.9 WAR

77th Pick: Jose Morales ........0.6 WAR

78th Pick: Ryan Theriot .........5.6 WAR

84th Pick: Jeremy Guthrie ...17.4 WAR

87th Pick: Jack Hannahan .....3.7 WAR

98th Pick: Scott Hairston .......3.9 WAR

104th Pick: Joe Mather ..........0.1 WAR

108th Pick: Ricky Nolasco .....4.3 WAR

109th Pick: David Bush .........4.6 WAR

114th Pick: Jeff Keppinger ....3.1 WAR

120th Pick: Josh Barfield .... -0.1 WAR

122nd Pick: Chris Resop ......0.4 WAR ...the guy we traded Kevin Gregg to the Marlins for is still at it and wallowing in mediocrity ...but way over the Mathisian War Ditch.

135th Pick: Kyle Davies .... -2.3 WAR ...we have to get to the penultimate fourth round pick of this draft to get to a player who has stuck it out as long as Mathis with a WAR even close to the anti-sublime depths of the Jeff Mathis WAR Ditch.

And with the 4th pick in the 5th round, the Philadelphia Phillies took...

140th Pick: Ryan Howard ..23.1 WAR

141st Pick: C.J. Wilson ........10.5 WAR

143rd Pick: Jim Johnson ......7.1 WAR

147th Pick: Ryan Rayburn ....4.4 WAR

164th Pick: Skip Schumaker..4.3 WAR

Highlights beyond the 5th round included Edwin Jackson (6th, 10.4 WAR), Rich Hill, John Axford, Dan Johnson, Kevin Youkilis (8th round, 29.5 WAR), Luke Scott (10.6 WAR), pitcher Lance Cormier (negative 2.3 WAR), Geovanny Soto, Stephen Drew and Dan Uggla round out the 11th round. UGH.

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