All-Time Angels

So if there's one thing that I love doing, as an Angels fan, it's fantasizing about what once was and what could be. That being said, I've always wondered: Who are the best Angels of all time?

Now, can do all of the fan voting events they want, and yes, I have seen Rev's "Top 100 Angels" of all time. However, what would the all-time Angels team look like if we had a 34-man roster, like in the actual All-Star Game, and we filled it up with the best of the best?

Who would be on this team? Who would even be worth it? We have the givens that everyone thinks of--Nolan Ryan, Frank Tanana, Francisco Rodriguez, Dean Chance, Jim Fregosi, Rod Carew--but if we had to pick 34 guys, what would that roster look like?

Without any further goes!

C: Bob Boone
1B: Rod Carew
2B: Bobby Grich
3B: Troy Glaus
SS: Jim Fregosi
LF: Brian Downing
CF: Devon White
RF: Vladimir Guerrero
DH: Tim Salmon

C: Buck Rodgers
C: Bengie Molina
1B: J.T. Snow
1B: Wally Joyner
2B: Bobby Knoop
3B: Doug DeCinces
SS: Gary DiSarcina
SS: Dick Schofield
OF: Darin Erstad
OF: Garret Anderson
OF: Chili Davis
OF: Gary Pettis
OF: Reggie Jackson

SP: Nolan Ryan
SP: Frank Tanana
SP: Dean Chance
SP: John Lackey
SP: Mark Langston
SP: Chuck Finley

RP: Mark Clear
RP: Scot Shields
RP: Mike Witt
RP: Bryan Harvey
RP: Francisco Rodriguez
RP: Troy Percival

NOTABLE OMISSIONS: Mike Napoli, Don Baylor, Geoff Zahn, Chone Figgins, Jered Weaver, Lee Smith, Bert Blyleven, Fred Lynn


Buck Rodgers: Despite the fact that his career average was far below mediocre, and that he didn't even play ten seasons, the nine seasons he DID play were all with the Angels--not to mention his managerial fame with the Angels. Even if he wasn't the greatest player, the man was a fan favorite for sure.

Dick Schofield: Again, he wasn't the greatest of hitters, but Schofield certainly had his moments with the Angels--and plenty of moments in the 11 and a half seasons he spent there. Anyone remember the walkoff homer against Detroit in the eight-run ninth?

Gary Pettis: Definitely not a fantastic hitter, but when he got on, pitchers feared. He held the Angels' stolen bases record for almost twenty years, before Chone Figgins broke it.

Scot Shields: The past few years have been far from precious for Shields, but I remember a time in 2004 and 2005 when he was considered one of the premier setup men in the entire game. He, K-Rod and Percival (and later he, Brendan Donnelly and K-Rod) formed a very fearsome bullpen trio.

Reggie Jackson: Out of the 21 years Mr. October played, only 5 of them were as an Angel, and he signed with them to spite Steinbrenner and the Yankees. But you know what? Reggie put butts in the seats--which was hard to do in the behemoth of a stadium the Angels had in the 1980s. Plus, he got his 500th homer as an Angel--not even Vladdy has that claim to fame...yet.

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