Maybe 2012 is what we should be excited for!

With all these talks about about Albert not resigning with the cards and CC possibly walking out of the bronx it got me thinking what if. I know are off seasons have been terrible since tony came into power. But for one second lets pretend he has had a plan all along! We have roughly 45 million coming off the books next season. GMJ 11 million will be his last check before having to hit the unemployment line. Scott kazmir will be outta our heads unless we choose to pick up  his 13 million option. Bobby Abreu 9 million coming off unless another option is picked up or he reaches his 550 PA's. Joel Pinero 8 million coming off. Fernando Rodney and his 5.5 million gone. I know we need to keep some in house talent like Jered Weaver and Morales, both have one or two years of arbitration left. Anyways what if the front office said alright its go time, and went out and got albert and maybe CC. It's crazy to wrap you head around I know. But i've been up since 4am without coffee and I thought what the hell!

This needs to happen. We have been the joke of the off season for to long! We have a baseball teamed that is valued at half a billion dollars, when should we act like it? We should have at least one spot on the rotation if not two in the pitching rotation, pending Kaz's option. The 5th spot could go to bell, palmer, or reckling could finally steal it in '12 spring. But how bout the other spot? It's no secret CC is a california boy. If we could steal him from the bronx like they have stolen players from us, It would be gigantic! A rotation of CC, Haren, Weaver, santana, and bell would tower over that of philly, SF, Boston or any team in baseball! As for Albert. I know this will be extremly difficult to accomplish. St. Louis has money and they dont mind throwinh it around (matt holliday). But if some how we could still this guy could you imagine! We could platoon kendry at dh and some OF. I know he depends a lot. But I say do it! You have to invest money into a product in order to make money, it's as simple as that! We could have a real scary lineup in 2012.

1.) Trout, CF

2.) izzy or callapso 3b

3.) Albert 1b

4.) Morlaes DH

5.) Wells LF

6.) Hunter RF

7.) Kendrick 2b

8.) Conger or Wilson C

9.) Aybar SS

Now I know this isn't mlb the show 2011 you cant just make fantasy teams, but the yankees and red sox do so why the hell not! Artie says he wants to win. Win the fans first by showing your commitment to putting a product on the field we would want to watch! If your reading this i appologize for my grammer and or spelling errors. My mind thinks faster then I can type this early. Also If we lose out on albert I know prince fielder will also be on the market, but being a Boras client I just assume he would be out of the picture! Im very much looking forward to this season. So lets get some games going soon!

Go Angels...

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