Rethinking the idea of an Angels Sports Channel

In the past few weeks, we had talk of the Lakers starting their own sports channel with TimeWarner Cable footing the bill and paying the Lakers $1 Bazillion for the rights. This understandably led to discussion regarding the Angels being a part of that operation, but since the Dodgers are off-contract with FSW first, I would guess they would be the partner with the Lakers.


The recent rumors about the Sacramento Kings moving to Anaheim just reframed this whole discussion. It would be relatively easy for Arte to partner with Henry Samuelli and the Maloof brothers to create a sports channel of OC teams. Instead of shouldering the cost burden of a new enterprise by himself, he would have deep-pocketed partners.

The fourth partner could be Cox Cable. Think for a moment: Cox has a significant portion of OC already wired, and it has experience with professional sports programming, doing the Padres games in San Diego on Cox 4, having wired southern SD County. Furthermore, they have a working relationship with TW Cable in SD, which has the rest of the SD metro area wired.

Cox also has franchises in Santa Barbara and Las Vegas, as well as in the Palos Verdes Peninsula, and could make the channel available on TW Cable, as they do in SD, meaning it would have broad coverage very quickly.

Samuelli and Moreno have a link, in that the Ducks games are carried on Arte's KLAA, so there is a precedent for those two working together. It isn't clear if the Kings would arrive with any existing broadcast contract in force, but it is doubtful any Sacto  broadcaster would continue to carry Kings games, meaning they'd be open to sign with a new broadcaster.

Finally, the group could enlist KCAL to carry the games which conflict with each other (when the Kings and Ducks are playing at the same time, for example). KCAL may well be looking for some sports programming if they lose both the Lakers and Dodgers in very short order. They would also be preferable to KDOC (poor coverage in SoCal) and to KCOP (which has received a lot of flak for its coverage of Angel games, and is owned by Fox, the odd man out in a new Angel World Order).

Obviously, the Maloofs need first to persuade the other owners to let them move from Sacramento, but it takes only a simple majority to approve the move, and whatever pull Buss has among his fellow owners may well be cancelled out by Sterling buffoonery. While there are two teams in LA already, the fact that they play in the same arena would indicate that a 3rd team playing 40 miles south in a different arena might be approved.

And, of course, the basketball Kings would have to change their name if the move is green-lighted.

So this is me wondering about a whole lot of possibilities without a scrap of evidence that any of it is truly possible. But IF the Maloofs are able to move their team to Anaheim before the start of next season (this coming October), it has the potential to open up all kinds of television revenue for the Angels, as well. One way or the other, we may know which way this is going in less than two weeks.

This Fan-Post is authored by an independent fan. Tell us what you think and how you feel.

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