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I guess I should have written this earlier in the off-season instead of less than a week before voluntary pitchers and catchers report.

What are your favorite baseball books (doesn't have to be the Angels)?

For the Angels, I really liked Once They were Angels.  Gives a good overview of the Angels and current (right when Arte bought the team).  It uses about 10 players to frame the Halos story. (Got this used on Amazon)

Tim Salmon, also wrote a book Always an Angel.   Its okay, but I got annoyed with the interview style of the book, for instance it would give a topic, say Garrett Anderson and would only give a few paragraphs, instead of a typical autobiography which goes more chronological.

I read Anaheim Angels: A complete history.  However, it was too stat heavy for me when I read it as a 13 year old, and stopped reading it.  This was very chronological and used years are framers, as opposed to the beforementioned Once they were Angels.

I recently finished reading Veeck as in Wreck - Bill Veeck's autobiography.  Very interesting and fun read, learning about his "antics" and how he became one of the first fan-owners.  It includes a chapter on the American League expansion in LA, that will make you loathe Walter O'Malley.  

Coming soon is the Angels Official History book.  I have very high hopes for this book due to reading the Phillies version.  Let me be clear, this is NOT a traditional book, it is actually a coffee table book.  While it has brief articles (mainly from area sports writers) on players and infamous people (like the Phillies had the first female scout so it talked about her), it is also has some on stadium workers and fans. It had the Hall of Fame induction speeches by their inductees as well.  What amazed me is the quality and amount of pictures inside.  Another thing I enjoyed was the replicas that came with it.  It had Jimmy Rollins high school scouting report, Greg "The Bull" Luzinski's contract, replica tickets, newspaper clippings, cards, etc.  Rev and other die-die hard fans might not learn anything, but the quality is outstanding.  Plus it is up to date, the Phillies one was copyright 2010, and it finished with pictures from 2009 and a tribute to Harry Kalas.  I got it for $30 at BJs (as opposed to the $50 that bookstores will be selling it at). 

And speaking of baseball books, who could forget Michael Christopher.  


In nonsports genre, I like John O'Farrell (the Brits version of Dave Barry), and Chuck Palhniuk (Fight Club - the book, and Lullaby are my two favs).

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